New Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Character

Please tell me all about your new character. Describe them in detail. Include their appearance but also their personality. Don’t forget to use full sentences! Can you impress me with your VCOP?

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    Riya said,

    My character is called Tim Toffe!He is adicted to toffe and he always gets his his way.He is really spoild and selfish.He has fat chubby hands and rotten yellow teeth.He always has toffe for breakfast,lunch,dinner and supper!He is rich however Mr Wonka had a few surprises for Tim!Mr Wonkas choclotes were the most suculent,ozzing chocolates in the world.It had a rich texture inside.Every other chocolate makers tried to steal his recipes!That’s why he closed the factory in the first place! He was the lucky first winner of the five glimmering, golden tickets!

    The first room they went to was a toffe room with a over-growing toffe in the center.The five children were flabagasted!Mr Wonka warned the children not to touch the significant toffe.He said it wasen’t quit reday yet!Tim just agnored him1 Tim rushed up to the toffe and tried to scuff the scrumtiouse toffe in his mouth but there was a problem,he began to go all sticky and rectangular.It was quit eerie.Then everyone realised he was turning into a toffe.”That’s what happens to little boys who don’t listen,”said Mr Wonka!So that’s my charecter and my story!

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    Amanveer 4m said,

    My character is called Jenny Galaxy.24×7 she dreams of Galaxy. She is a self – centred and disobedient girl. When she sees there is a galaxy she doesn’t waste a second and gobbles it into her fat, corpulent stomach .The more Galaxy she eats, the more her stomach grows

    When they enter Willy Wonka’s unique factory they venture around staring in amazement at the appetising chocolate which has rich texture. While her mother and father are talking to Willy Wonka about his experience at making chocolate her hands start surreptiously gobbling the nectarous chocolate Galaxy. After gobbling down the appetising Galaxy she starts vibrating and that’s when her parents and the children realise that she had ate the chocolate Galaxy. Then the Ooompa Loompas come and carry her o the freezer .Later the Ooompa Loompas get her out of the freezer and guess what has happened to her?

    She froze into a Galaxy statue.
    Willy Wonka says “That what happens to greedy girls”. Her parents are jittery and uptight about their selfish daughter. They accuse Willy Wonka for not telling them that his Galaxies are dangerous.

    A phrase: That was an abhorrent deed. The consequences are going to be terrible.That is my story and my character!

  3. 3

    Kimran said,

    My chareter is named Fiona Fudge. She is obseesed wiy=th fudge however this story proves you have to listen to get other some unfortunate te hings can happen. Even though from dawn to dusk she is stuffing her face with succulent fudge she is quite slim.

    Her adventure starts when she is lucky to have a golden ticket. So ont the 1st of Febuary Fiona and the other 4 children entered the immese, magnificent chocolate factory. Although it’s a kids dream to go into a chocolate factory Fiona meets a upleasent fate. The first room they exploered was called Fudge Relm. Since fiona was addicted to fudge she couldist’t resist it. Despite Mr Wonka’s warning when everyone left the room she surrpretiously gobbled the fudge being as sly as a fox. But sadly for her good luck streak ended there. As Fiona caught up with the rest of the group she started turning brown and sticky paste. Untill she was completyly covered in a brown tacky paste she knew she was a delicous fudge

  4. 4

    Riya 4m said,

    I love your charecter Amanveer!I like how you put the phrase in so well done!I can’t wait to read your playscript!

  5. 5

    Kimran said,

    Thats a spectacular description Amnveer. I love the wow word nectarous and corpulent.

  6. 6

    amanveer 4m said,

    Thank you Riya and Kimran.I love your’s as well.I love your characters.Kimran I Love the sentence: She is obseesed with fudge.It kind of reminds me of myself at home when chocolate appears.Riya I love yor charcter and the way you described the chocolate tofee.I like your messages as the word flabgasted.Your twos description leaves me speechless.

  7. 7

    Tanvir said,

    My chareter is called Smarties Shophie.I changed the name in my editing.She’s the most demading preson you can ever imagine.Her mother is so careless!All se does is just tell her to stop being silly and stop.

    She meets a bitter eng by turned into a smartie and having to be crushed and washed!

  8. 8

    Riya said,

    Thanks Amanveer for your commnt!Oh and Tanvir I love your charecter Sophie Smarties.I also love your sentnce:She’s the most determind person you could ever imagine.Maby you could descrbe her in a bit more detail.

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