What can you see, smell and hear in this place?

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    Riya 4m said,

    The waterfall

    It heavy rain falling from the sky!The Sun was illumanating the waterfall.It was a shimmering light blue couler.You could hear the birds singing there favourite song.It was so outstanding,I could dance to it all day!It was like you wanted to live there.

    There were stunning white blossam’s!There were all kinds os creatures and animals.You could study there habitact and how they live.It was like a Science lesson in class but it was only outside.

    That’s all I could think of.

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    Kimran said,

    The majestic waterfall

    Water glistens on the the majestic waterfall, which sunshine illuminated every day. Many people noticed it’s hiden beauty. On the the outiside it is as raidiant as a rose and in the inside there is hardly any diffrence. People go there to cheer up there day. Even if it was the worst day of there lives the waterfall would cheer them up.

    As soon as the sun says ‘Go’ the waterfull rapidly shoots down immense droplets of water, trying to beat his opistion the rain. It’s the waterfalls beauty which makes summer so think again when you a waterfall as raidiant as this one.

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