Charlie and the Chocolate factory play

Today Year 4 rehearsed their new, exclusive scene that they have written for ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’.
They also made some props and backdrops to use during recording.
Look out for the videos of their plays when they are uploaded over the next few days

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    I hope you had good fun.

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    Riya said,

    We did have lot’s of fun!We are going to record our playscripts tomorrow.We are also going to send them off to Anne Gilbert from the cbbc.Our deadline is on Friday!Over hundred schools are sending playscripts to Anne.I hope we get chosen and I hope ours is the best.If we we get chosen.A person from Annes team will com and vist us.I can’t wait.I am still jumping up and down like a kangaroo because I am soooo excited!I can’t wait till Friday!

  3. 3

    zodecca said,

    In literacy we have been creating our own version of a play from a well-known film.Charlie and the choclate factory.Every one has come up with new ideas of characters.The reason why is because we have been given the oppurtunity by Anne gilchrist(The controller of cbbc) to be filmed and wacthed on the telly and on the website.All the children have enjoyed it.We have also made and brought in costumes,fake sweets and props like walking sticks.We are all intrested in our Topic.

  4. 4

    In Bearwood primary school in literacy we have been doing drama.
    We have been doing our own version of Charlie and the chocolate factory with a new character and a new room for the new character. I have really injoyed doing this literacy.
    Every one in the class has saw each others and gave feedback and a wish to make it better next time.
    The reasson we have been doing this litracy because we have had the opatunatie to be filemd by Anne Gilchrist. (The controller of cbbc)
    We are going to be filmed and you could if you wanted to watch it on telly.
    Not just i have injoyed it my group has and including the class has to.
    We have brought our own costumes for the character we are going to be acting.
    We have got big pieces of cards for the background like fake sweets and loads of other things in the background in willy wonkers factory.
    In my groups play we are acting my play script and the new character is called Jawbraker jessy and the new room is of jawbrakes. Hope you injoy watching the films we put on and hope you have injoyed reading about what we have been doing in literacy.

    Commented by Emma 4M

  5. 5

    amanveer 4m said,

    We had great fun making props for our plays on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.I love doing plays.We will be recording our plays tommorow.We will send them to Anne Gilchrist(the controller of CBBC).Hopefully (fingers crossed)we will be chose out of the hundred schools who have participated and shown intrest in this astounding project.I am looking forward to tomorrow.I wish it came now!

  6. 6

    Dylan said,

    we have the best play me,eilliot, simran and halima.

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