We are all drummers!

During our music lessons everybody in year 4 is learning to play African drums. We are improving quickly and beginning to sound like a real band!

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  1. 1

    Riya said,

    I loved drumming today.Our drums are called Jembays.Last term we done Indian drums and put on a consert.I hope everyone enjoyed it!

  2. 2

    Riya's Mum said,

    Riya has been telling me you have been playing the drums.I loved your concert last term.It was fantastic!

  3. 3

    Kimran said,

    The drums are wonderful instruments. I am glad this thime we all got to play the drums. Mrs Lavender is teaching us loads.

  4. 4

    Tanvir said,

    Playing a Jambay is so much fun.Miss Lavinder is teacing us lot’s of fun and exciting beats.I like it because we all get to play our own Jambay.So it’s not just 3or4 pepole playing.It’s all of us playing like a band.I hope we get to do a concert again

  5. 5

    muskaan said,

    Drumming is my favourite instrument.

  6. 7

    amaan said,

    i love druming!!!

  7. 8

    Haseeb said,

    I love playing insrements ecpeshily Jembays!!!!!!!

  8. 9

    joshua said,

    i think druming is amazing!!!!

  9. 10

    amanveer 4m said,

    Drumming is my favourite instrument and I love playing them.

  10. 11

    Riya said,

    I love drummining.I wish we will do a consert this term.

  11. 12

    amanveer 4m said,

    Miss Lavender is a amazing drum teacher.Playing Jembays is so much fun.I hope we get to do a concert this time as well because it is a great way to show other people what we are learning and have learnt.

  12. 13

    I am glad that so many of your are enjoying learning to play the drums. I am also enjoying the lessons immensely. Don’t forget that I am learning too! I do hope I get to be in the performance with you all!

    Miss Martindale.

  13. 14

    Riya 4m said,

    I hope you will be in the peformence too Miss Mataindale,I wonder what we will be doing next.

  14. 15

    Miss Dinsdale said,

    Wow! Year 4 I am so jealous! You make drumming sound so much fun that I want to come and join in. I can’t wait to watch your next performance, everyone playing sounds amazing and I now know that African drums are called Jembays.

  15. 16

    Riya 4m said,

    All the children are playing the Jembay this time,even Miss Martindale.She is learning too.I hope Y3 are experserts now on the ukalayle.I hope I get to see one of your conserts Y3.

  16. 18

    Dylan said,

    it should be called DJEMBES NOT African drums. if it was real African drums I `d be better than Mrs lavender.

    • 19

      Amandeep said,

      Dylan dont speack too soon miss lavender is much much better then you at african drums in addition to that if you are so good why didnt you get picked to drum for mr singhs concert.Hehehe.

      • 20

        Amandeep said,

        Also i know why you think your`e better then miss lavender.I bet you think the way miss lavender teaches you tooo hold it,you think it is difficult.hheeheheh.

  17. 21

    Amandeep said,

    I love drumming but to be honest, im not very good.

  18. 22

    Amandeep`s dad said,

    Hello,I loves the concert last term.If you ask me it was reealy good.Also I liked how it was set.There was the singers at the middle of the stage and theres the drummers on the bench!

  19. 23

    Riya 4m said,

    I like the DJEMBES but I don’t know how to play the Aferican drums.Maby I will learn to play it someday.

  20. 25

    I think some of you might be getting a little confused- the djembe is a TYPE of African drum. So we are all learning to play an African drum.

    Miss Martindale

  21. 27

    amandeep said,

    Drums are awesome and inspiring.My favirote Drum is Djembies.

  22. 28

    Muskaan 4M said,

    Drumming is not just good but phenominal!
    I do like the Jemba’s the best because…because I don’t know!

  23. 30

    Oceane said,

    Drumming is really enjoying we are trying to get better at playing in a band and making lovely music.

  24. 31

    Oceane said,

    Sometime it is very hard playing in a band but sometimes we are very good at it.

  25. 33

    simranjeet said,

    drumming is so cool and I wish I do it next time

  26. 34

    Riya said,

    Simranjeet we are already playing the drums!I do agree it is very cool.By this week we are doing drumming Friday morning ang Writers workshop tomorrow but that is only for today.

  27. 35

    Zoe said,

    I love your dummers it was great even the singers and the beat it went smoothly on the float it was just amazing

  28. 36

    Riya said,

    Thankyou Zoe.

  29. 37

    Tanvir said,

    I like the song we are learning ‘Malesay’ I have used inverted commas.That’s my target

  30. 39

    amrit 4m said,

    I enjoy learning about Djembes

  31. 40

    muskaan's mum said,

    Drumming is a very interesting hobby. Muskaan is really enjoying it and I am going to buy her Jemba for her next birthday… yeah!!!!!

  32. 41

    Riya 4m said,

    Me too Tanvir I like the song ‘Melesay’!
    I also like the song Sha Sha colay!

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