Can you tell the time?

Visit these websites to help you prepare for your learning next week in numeracy:

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    Copy and paste the links to visit the websites.

  2. 2

    Dylan said,

    yes i can the time now is five to eleven.

  3. 3

    Riya said,

    Yes I can also tell the time.

    e.g:half past is the same as 2:30

    I also know am and pm.e.g:pm is 12 noon till 12 midnight and am is 12 midnight till 12 noon

  4. 4

    Riya 4m said,

    I think everyone should know this.

    e.g:1 hour = 60 minutes
    1 minute =60 seconds
    1 day=24 hours

  5. 6

    Amandeep said,

    I can tell time e.g half past elven is in digital time 11:30

  6. 7

    Amandeep said,

    The time now is 25 past four.

  7. 8

    Why don’t you set some time interval problems for each other here.

    I got on the coach to London at 12:45pm and I arrived in London at 2:15pm. How long was my coach journey?

    Why don’t you write your own problem for others to solve?

    Miss Martindale

  8. 9

    Oceane said,

    I can tell the time and so can Haven.

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