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Literacy- Please do some further research on Aboriginal life and bring your work to share on Monday.

Numeracy- Please check that you can remember the written methods for multiplication and division.

Topic: What else can you find out about your World Cup country?

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    Miss Thomas said,

    I am so JEALOUS of your topic. You can find out information/facts by using the internet, exploring books or asking people. I have drawn Holland or Netherlands as my team. Here are some facts:-
    Did you know that Amsterdam (Capital of Holland) has more museums per square metres that any other European capital.
    Holland has a coalition governement like us in Britian.
    Holland has a thousand old fashioned working windmills.
    Did you know that one quauter of Holland is below sea level.

    Hope that helps the person or team that has Holland. You can always ask me for a fact.

  2. 3

    dylan said,

    so the people that don`t have computers geat away with it?

  3. 5

    sahar said, is a good website for recipes from different countrys.

  4. 6

    sahar said,

    And this a good website too :
    you might have to find country if you scroll down you might find your country Ghana is there.

  5. 7

    sahar said,

    Ghana is only there in the second website.

  6. 8

    Riya said,

    We are having lots of fun doing the world cop topic.I have been doing my get talking get learning.I have found more information about the Aborigenes.I will type it out.

    The Aborigines
    Aborgine Art
    The Aborigines used to make symbols out of dots. It reminds me of pointillism. They used to make these to tell different things like animals and plants. Sometimes it is hard for us to say what the symbols mean but the Aborigine people had no problem reading them. Now I will show you some examples.

    Aborigine foods
    The Aborigine people didn’t used to buy food as we do now. They hunted there food. The woman and men hunted for food. The women used to hunt vegetables and fruit while the men tried to hunt animals.
    The women used to hunt there vegetables from the bushes. I think they called it bush tucker.

    The men used to use a boomerang to kill the animals. They used to eat caterpillars, lizards, Snakes, Kangaroos and many more animals. They used to eat insects as well. They also used to eat grubs. I think there is a symbol of that on the first page.

    How Aborigine people get sick
    The Aboriginal people believe that a witch doctor makes them sick by putting a spirit into you. The Aborigines used to make there own medicine which was very strong. I think they made it out of plants and seeds. You had to put a lot of work into making the medicine.

    Aborigine animals
    The Aborigines believe that when one of them dies, they come back in a spirit of an animal. It is like Hindus believe that when some one dies they will be reborn. There were some Aborigine stories about how types of animals got there body parts. My favourite Aboriginal story was the Kangaroo and the Porpoise. Well it said in that story that the kangaroo has tiny hands because the porpoise hit them with a stick and she had broken the kangaroos two arms. I think it said that kangaroo put a pin in Porpoises head and that’s why porpoises squirt water out of there head.

    Thats what I have found out on the Aborigenes.I have being making a chunking song for Numarecy.I will share it on Monday.

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        amandeep said,

        Ha!If you dont have a coomputer(which i dont i have a laptop)maybe you will have to make your work be done on lots of papers or somethin like that while the people with computers,laptops,notebooks or anything will do it on that so dylan ha!

  7. 11

    Kimran said,

    I have been doing my get talking get learning. In maths I have been recapping wriitten methods. For Litracy I have made some notes about the abiringines. I still have to research Nigeria.

  8. 12

    Riya said,

    This my song for chuncking:
    Be a chunky,be a chunky monkey!Be a chuncky,be a chuncky monkey!If you want to be a chunky monky then this is what you need to do,you have to…Chunck!Chunck!Chunck and count the groups.Thats how it’s done.But if there one left over it’s a reminder!If theres one left over it’s a reminder!Now you are a chuncky monkey tell me what to do.You have to CHUNCK!So remember this song and tell it to your friend but don’t,I say don’t be a PUNCK!

  9. 13

    Taha said,

    The Australian native peoples are divided into more than 500 tribal groups. These tribes are also of two major types – those who live inland, and those who live along the coastline. The separation of tribes and the division provided by the environment led to differences in views about the nature of human life and death, and the part dreams played. But some beliefs, such as reincarnation.

  10. 14

    Wow thank you for all of your replies.

    Miss Thomas- Thanks for your interesting facts!

    Dylan- The children without a computer certainly do not get away without doing the homework because we told everybody about it in class too.

    Riya- Thank you for your brilliant information about the Aborigines and for remembering my Chunky Monkey rap from last time! Please see me at school for a note home. Well done!

    Miss Martindale

  11. 15

    Riya said,

    Thank you Miss Martindale.

  12. 16

    Riya said,

    I am reaserching Germany for Topic.Here are some of the facts I found out.

    Animals that live in Germany
    There a lot’s of animals that live Germany; you find lots of animals somewhere called the Black Forest.

    Here are some animals you might find there:
    Grey Wolfs, Red Squirrels, Deer’s, eagles and bears.

    What instruments do they play
    I found out that Germans play the clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpets and the Trombone. They play about 100 orchestra a year. Some of there instruments are similar to ours. Germans like opera and classical music.

    Thats what I found out.I think today were learning about South Africa.I can’t wait till we do P.E,We’er going to do the Gumboot dance in groups.

  13. 17

    simran and josh said,

    The aboriginal poeple knock out animals with there boomer rangs
    for food and survival. And the women hunted for fruits
    nuts vagdrebals for there children and there husbands

  14. 18

    Riya said,

    In Topic we are learning about South Africa.We have been set 2 tasks.I have found out a hotel and some sight seeing.I will share my facts tomrrow with my group.Here is the website that I went on to reaserch my information

    Here is the information I found out.

    South Africa
    Protea Hotel Cape Castle is one of the most magnificent hotels in South Africa. There is a balcony where you can see from the great distances. It is also good for sight seeing. You will get brilliant room service. It has luxiourise bedrooms and succulent food you will be spellbound to stay. Here is the address you will need to come to…
    3 Main Road
    Green Point
    Cape Town 8001
    Western Cape
    South Africa

    Sight seeing
    There are lots of sights seeing right near the hotel. Sabi river sun resort is one of the most fantastic Sights. It is really relaxing but not only that but you might get to stay there for a bit. You get a tour about all the animals.

    That’s all I found out so far.

  15. 19

    Taha 4m said,

    I have found lots of fact about south africa but now i m going to do about life in there

  16. 20

    Taha said,

    I have found lots of fact about south africa but now i m going to do about life in there

  17. 21

    Riya said,

    I can’t wait for the assembly for the parents.Me and Faysal are nearly finished.For the assembly we are doing are gumboot dance and we are sharing our facts about what we have learnt.

  18. 22

    Kimran said,

    For the assembly i thought since we are doing guessing the country when the parents guess if they get it fight someone can show the flag of the country the food was from.

  19. 23

    Riya said,

    Thats a great idea kimran.I just can’t wait until the assembly.

  20. 24

    amandeep said,


  21. 25

    Ayesha 4M said,

    i agree riya i cant wait until assembly and its going to be fun

  22. 26

    Riya 4m said,

    I can’t wait to go to Calthrope Haven and Dudly zoo.

  23. 27

    ayesha 4m said,

    me too and i can’t wait what are talk homework is i hope its about george he is so cute when we were in a circle he keeped and going to the other side and not my side miss matindale is our get talking get learning about george? please say yes.

  24. 28

    Jo Mixell said,

    Keep up the Good Work!

  25. 29

    Anisa siddhu 4g said,

    Now we’ve been to dudley zoo, Riya what was your fave animal. Mine was the urang-utangs.

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