Ratio and Proportion

Last week in Numeracy we learned about Ratio and Proportion. On Thursday we had great fun finding the ratio and proportion of the colours in a packet of Rainbow Drops.
On Friday we used our knowledge that we had learned on ratio and proprtion to make orange and lime cocktails using lemonade! Here are a few pictures of us tasting and making our drinks.

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  1. 1

    Kimran said,

    Those were two phonomial lessons. Some of the cocktails were delicious while others were not.

  2. 2

    Riya said,

    I loved drinking the cocktails I think that was one of my favourite lessons.I found the proportions a bit tricky though.This week we are doning dividing and multiplying using the written method.Remember to be a chunkey Monkey!

  3. 3

    amrit 4m said,

    That lesson was spatacular. I liked all the cocktails exept the lime one. Did you know in that lesson the cocktail with less lemonade was fizzer.

  4. 4

    Riya said,

    I like the first cocktail.It was really fizzy.I agree Amrit I didn’t like quit the lime.

  5. 5

    Kimran said,

    I personaly disagree my favourite cocktail was the one with lime. It had an original taste.

  6. 7

    Anisa siddhu 4g said,

    Me 4, i thought the lime one was not good so I didn’t drink it. But some were yummy.

  7. 8

    Riya said,

    I think we might do Ratio and Proportion in Y5.Do you think we will make cocktails again.I also like the lesson about thee sweets.I think they were rainbow drops.

  8. 10

    zodecca said,

    ratio and porportion is great. The coktails sounded lovely! Shame I was ill. I also like the sound of the sweets.

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