What have you enjoyed most during our ‘Opening up a world of opportunities’ week?

If you look on the
blog then you can see some photos of the week taken from lots of different workshops. More information and videos will be put on that blog soon so keep checking it for updates.

What have you enjoyed most this week?
What has made you feel inspired?
Are there any careers that you think you now may like to pursue?

This is ‘Blind Dave’s’ website. Please take a look as it is very interesting.
Also, on the Year 3 blog there is a video of the talk that Dave gave to us that was kindly added by Miss Thomas.

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  1. 1

    Kimran said,

    Now I may want to be a forensic scientist. I have enjoyed mostly everything this week. Some of the activities that I thought were going to not be my type of workshop turned out to be spectacular. I have been inspired by all the vistiors and the workshops. Now I can not wait for the re-opening of Calthorpe Haven.

    • 2

      Tanvir said,

      You enjoyed lot’s of thing’s don’t you Kimran. First you liked being a forensic scientist. Now you enjoyed being at Calthorpe Haven. And by the way, the mend you had done a Calthorpe Haven was so beautiful, I forgot I could up level the word.Your mendi was a attractive Kimran.

  2. 3

    I do really like forensic science,… But nothing is going to put me off being an inventor.

  3. 5

    Riya 4m said,

    I enjoyed it aswell.We found out who murdered the teddy it was an anothor teddy.My favourite workshop is the art.I hope someone buys it.I can’t wait until tomorrow,I am to excited.I have also enjoyed the fire figter on.It was with Mr Murphy.The workshop taught me all about team work.We had to stand on a bench and get our selfs in alphabetical order on the bench but we coulden’t fall off.

    My group did really well (Sarika,Ryan and Amaan.Mr Murphy gave us 10/10 for our team work! In Zodeccas teqm,Zodecca kept on falling off lot’s of times!

  4. 10

    Riya said,

    I can’t wait for Writers Workshop.I have found some wow words.
    I can remember my targets aswell.I am working towards a 4b.When I came to y4 I was a 3b but know I think I made brillent progress!

    1:I can use paragraphs correctly.
    2:I can spell long words correctly.
    3:I can use a complex sentence.

  5. 11

    Riya said,

    I think when I grow up I want to be a docter.Well a GP.It is similar to a docter.

  6. 12

    Sam said,

    I really enjoyed listening to doctor Rupert

  7. 14

    Sam said,

    I also like ‘csi’ because you can find fingerprints and identify liquids!

  8. 15

    Alice said,

    I really liked lisening to Dave about his speech. 🙂

  9. 17

    zodecca said,

    The oppurtunity week was really fun . It made us know what jobs we could do when we get older

  10. 20

    zodecca said,

    The oppurtunity week was really fun . It made us know what jobs we could do

  11. 21

    Sam said,

    I liked it when wixy licked Josh’s face!

  12. 25

    Tanvir said,

    I loved ‘Opening up a world of opportunity’ week was very fun. All the visitor’s were all inspirational. But they all had a message, but what message? I think I know what’s the message

    At the end of ‘Blind Dave’s’ assembly we said ‘You can be what ever you want to be’
    I think that’s the message al the visitor’s were trying to give.

  13. 26

    Tanvir said,

    I think you spelt the name of ‘Blind Dave’s’ guide dog name wrong Sam.

  14. 27

    Kimran said,

    It was a awesome expirene I also found my mendi raidiant.

  15. 28

    ayesha 4m said,

    I likerd that too Sam.

  16. 29

    ayesha 4m said,

    I ment likeed

  17. 30

    ayesha 4m said,

    I am sorry I keep saying likeed I meen liked

  18. 31

    Anisa siddhu 4g said,

    I’ve had a astonishing time. Blin dave was a speaical person. Blind dave’s dog wicky, who was a hairy guide dog, licked josh. he exceedingly suprised.
    I have just meeted my target! writing a complex sentence! YAY!

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