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What have you been doing so far in the holidays?

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Year 4 have been working  with the West Bromwich Albion foundation to develop their  football skills.

It has been a wonderful opportunity to develop our football skills and we have learned lots of new football related games. We all enjoyed out mini World Cup in the last week!

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Here are a few more aboriginal stories

A few more stories written and read aloud by talented Year 4 pupils.

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Year 4 transforms into a Post Office!

In numeracy we have been learning about mass this week.

For one of our activities we transformed the classroom into a post office. We had lots of parcels that needed to be weighed and the postage calculated.
We used lots of skills during this activity including estimating mass, reading a scale accurately, working out the divisions on a partially numbered scale, converting g into kg and multiplying to calculate postage!
Oh and it was great fun too!

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What is the effect of exercise on the body? Science Investigation.

This week Year 4 have generated their own question about exercise and the body. They then planned and conducted an investigation in small groups.

Children were able to consider what they would need to do to make it a fair test and have all conducted an interesting study.

Earlier in the week they researched and presented information about how to eat healthily. We had a range of presentations including powerpoint presentations, drama, songs, posters and oral presentations.

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Dudley Zoo

What interesting facts can you remember from Dudley Zoo?

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Sorry for the lack of posts this week Year 4

My home computer is actually broken so I haven’t been able to blog as often as I normally do. I am expecting it to be repaired by next week so we can blog again as normal!

Thank you to the children who have kept posting on the blog this week. I have some photos to upload when my computer is fixed.

Miss Martindale

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