Dr Rupert Millard visits Bearwood

As part of our ‘Opening up a world of opportunities’ week we had a visit from Dr Millard who is a doctor in a hospital.He gave a very interesting and inspirational talk. Children loved the opportunity to ask questions.
What did you learn? What information did you enjoy most?
Oh go on then- tell everybody about the surgery video clip…

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  1. 1

    Riya 4m said,

    I really enjoyed having Dr Rupert coming in. When I grow up I want to be a Docter… Well a GP (genaral practitioner) I wasn’t that keen on the surgery video.. Ok! Ok! I thought it was discusting!I didn’t want to wath it!

    • 2

      That is why we told you before we put it on that you don’t have to watch it and that you could look away or turn around. I think it is important that you see what your body is like- you couldn’t actually see much except through the camera view from inside the body. There was no blood or anything outside of the body!

    • 3

      Tanvir said,

      I could not watch the surgery video either Riya. Although I had a few little glimpses

  2. 4

    ayesha 4m said,

    I found it disgusting too Riya I had to just turn aroud it was so so so horrible.
    I really enjoyed Rupert comming in I carn’t wait until the trip to dudley zoo it will be sos so fun. Miss martindale what other teacher is comming with us to dudley zoo? because Ms hampson won’t be here.

  3. 5

    zodecca said,

    It was really fun learning about what doctors do in the hospital. Some people now want to become doctors when they grow up

  4. 6

    Emma said,

    As part of our works shops we had miss Martindales cousins fiance come in to speak to us. He is a doctor and he told us all about being a doctor and he showed us a vidio of surgery. We all had great fun.

  5. 7

    Riya 4m said,

    There were lots of visitors who came to our classand they all told us about there jobs.We could do jobs like those one day.Here are some of the visitors that came in.

    Dez:He is a fitness intruster.He helps people to keep in shape and help those who want to lose some weight.Or if you injured yourself and you want to get back into exersize,he will help you.

    Blind Dave:Blind Dave was the first visitor who came into Bearwood.He is blind and he ran 7 marothones.Isn’t that phenominal!He has a dog called Wiscky.He is a guid dog and I saw him licking Joshs face.It was kind of funny.

    Dr Rupurt:Dr Rupert is Miss Martindale cosins fiance.He studyed really hard to be a dcter and when I grow up I want to be a GP!

  6. 9

    Kimran said,

    I loved having a real docter come in. Dr Rupurt ansewered lots of our questions. The video was not that disgusting so I managed watch to it all.

  7. 10

    I think Dr Ruperts visit was really insporational!
    I would now like to be a doctor.

  8. 11

    sam said,

    I think Dr Rupert was extremely insporational!
    I think I would now like to be a doctor.
    I could just about watch the disgusting ‘key hole’ operation.
    My sister,who is usually as brave as a lion,blocked her ears when I told her !

  9. 12

    Tanvir said,

    Dr Rupert told me about a illness called’schizophrenia. It’s a illness that a person has because they feel someone for something is out to get them. This illness can be treated with drugs.

  10. 13

    Brenda Dearn said,

    Dr Rupert has now registered as a STEM Ambassador so can he help other schools find out more his work.

    If your school needs help in the future by asking people to come into school to talk about their jobs, please contact me as we have over 270 Black Country STEM Ambassadors.
    I manage the BC STEM HUB
    Great comments, you obviously had a good week.

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