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Next week you will be forming a press gang and producing your own newspaper in small groups. Over the weekend remind yourself of the key features of a newspaper report. Also, research some news that you find interesting and come prepared to write an article. Don’t forget you can include a variety of articles such as adverts, Agony Aunt, sports, letters to the editor and quizzes. What will you choose to include in your paper?

Numeracy: Practice weighing items using a scales. Why don’t you ask if you can help with the cooking or do some baking?

Topic: Please bring some information about the human body and what it needs to stay healthy. Refresh your memory of the food pyramid.

Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. 1

    ayesha 4m said,

    Staying healthy
    . Having a healthy body is important because if you are fat you can get high blood pressure and also diabetes. Being fat can also effect your daily duties, for example some people are so fat that they cant even go shopping themselves due to not being able to walk for long because of the weight. Also if you are fat and eat lots of junk food like sweets and fizzy drinks it can also affect your teeth as they might get stained and yellow and you might also get decay which is bad for the teeth and may need regular treatment. Also in some cases ulcers may occur on the leg which are very sore and need regular treatment. Drinking tea can also stain your teeth and make them yellow as coffee can too…

  2. 2

    ayesha 4m said,

    My sister helped me a bit on the staying healthy.

  3. 3

    Tanvir said,

    Mine too my sister lent me a textbook,so I can get an idea of what food’s go into the different food group’s.

  4. 4

    Tanvir said,

    All I have left to do is my Literacy and my Numeracy.

  5. 5

    Kimran said,

    I am going to bring in a book about the body as well as some human body facts. In litracy I have found some articles I could write about.

  6. 7

    Tanvir said,

    Also keep your eye out for the news on the telly!
    You never know it might come in handy.

  7. 8

    ayesha 4m said,

    Miss Martindale this si my homework that you said to do again:

    Do we have different muscles and bones in our body?

    • Underneath our skin we have muscles. Muscles make our body move.
    • Muscles are joint too our bones that’s what can make our body move. Tendons keep muscles joint to our bones.
    • Most or your muscles work in pairs one muscle pulls while the other one relaxes
    • When you bend you arm the biceps a muscle pulls while the triceps muscle relaxes.
    • when you put your arms straight the biceps muscle relaxes while the triceps muscles pulls

  8. 10

    ayesha 4m said,

    I loved my weekend I have a engagement at the mandir (hindu temple) ant I went to waky wear house I had a great time with a friend that came with me#she loved it too. Thats how my weekend was how about yours?

  9. 11

    ayesha 4m said,

    I ment and I put ant and me should be me with out this #

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