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What have you enjoyed most this week?

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Get talking Get learning!

Next week you will be forming a press gang and producing your own newspaper in small groups. Over the weekend remind yourself of the key features of a newspaper report. Also, research some news that you find interesting and come prepared to write an article. Don’t forget you can include a variety of articles such as adverts, Agony Aunt, sports, letters to the editor and quizzes. What will you choose to include in your paper?

Numeracy: Practice weighing items using a scales. Why don’t you ask if you can help with the cooking or do some baking?

Topic: Please bring some information about the human body and what it needs to stay healthy. Refresh your memory of the food pyramid.

Enjoy your weekend!

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Teddy found murdered at Bearwood Primary!

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Teddy Bear found murdered this morning!
By Lisa Jones, Crime reporter.

A poor teddy bear was murdered last night. His body was found at Bearwood Primary school in Smethwick this morning. Forensic scientists have been called to the scene and are currently investigating.
The victim
Teddywas found at approximately 7:30am this morning by the school caretaker who was doing a routine check of the school before the start of the school day.
It is thought the teddy had arrived early at school to do work and catch up on paperwork. Teddy had been a valued member of staff for 25 years and it is a mystery as to why a well-respected member of the Bearwood community would meet such an untimely end.
A murderer has not yet been identified but police are still continuing with their questioning. It is thought that the murderer may have worked at the school and perhaps had a personal vendetta against the teddy. The motive for such a vendetta has not yet been established.
The school has been closed until further notice and will remain closed until the police have identified a suspect or suspects. Police are asking people if they have any information about the crime or saw anything suspicious near or around the school on the day in question to come forward and tell them what you know.

A phone line has been set up to phone in with any relevant information:
0800 000 123

During the ‘Forensic science’ workshop children became scientists and helped to analyse the crime scene. They tried different forensic science techniques in order to solve the crime.

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Dr Rupert Millard visits Bearwood

As part of our ‘Opening up a world of opportunities’ week we had a visit from Dr Millard who is a doctor in a hospital.He gave a very interesting and inspirational talk. Children loved the opportunity to ask questions.
What did you learn? What information did you enjoy most?
Oh go on then- tell everybody about the surgery video clip…

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Great news… We have now had over 5000 hits!

Well done to everybody who has commented on this magnificent and spectacular blog (even if I do say so myself!)

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Get Talking, Get Learning!

Literacy- Next week in Literacy we will be starting a new unit on recounts and newspaper reports. Please read some newspaper articles over the weekend and try to bring some newspapers into school on Monday as we will be investigating the features of newspaper reports.

Do you know any features of newspapers already? If you have been to newspaper club then you should be able to remember the features.

Numeracy-Next week we will be solving numeracy puzzles and problems related to money. Check that you know how to use the money notation and that you can convert from pounds to pence and vice versa. Also practice the written methods for addition and subtraction. Finally remind yourself of QUACK and how to use it.

Topic- The parents assembly is fast approaching so next week will be all about preparing for that. Please do some more research on South Africa, and in particular Nelson Mandela. On Monday you will be making some notes about Nelson Mandela’s life and then turn these into a narration and a short drama piece about his life.
You will then do rotated tasks for the rest of the week. You will decide which order to work in but you must get your South African/World cup nation food menu advert finished, design and make an African mask, learn the words to the African songs and also prepare your drama piece for the assembly.

What a busy week!

I hope you all have a wonderful and fun-filled weekend. See you on Monday.

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Storytelling- Aboriginal stories

Listen to the wonderful Aboriginal stories that we have written, published and now recorded for the blog. Below is a small selection of the stories. I will add some more next week. Children have written these stories by themselves with some help from their writing partner in class. The rich vocabulary has all been chosen by the children themselves using the ‘VOCABULARY wall ‘ and words ‘stolen’ from their reading to help them.
I think these stories are fantastic and I am very proud of everyone in Year 4 for working so hard on this topic. It has been great fun to read all of your stories. Don’t forget that the finished books are now in the class library. Why don’t you sign one out as your reading book and share it with your family at home?

Miss Martindale

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