Inside a Cabury-inspired chocolate house

Cadbury's room

Year 4  I spotted this unusual house in my local newspaper this morning  and just wanted to share it with you.

 Designers have created a mouth-watering showhome which has been inspired by all things Cadbury.  This  picture demonstrates the luxurious main bedroom. The bed resembles a Milk Tray box, from the velvety foil-style blanket, to the choc-chunk headboard and bedside lamps that appear to be pouring out chocolate. On the wall is the  famous slogan, ‘And all because the lady loves…’  which is printed in Cadbury’s signature purple. Would you like a house like this? Could you design/create a room for this house based on a brand of Cadbury’s chocolate?

Miss Thomas

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  1. 1

    paige said,

    I wish i lived in there because it looks yummy and scrumpious!

  2. 2

    karolina said,

    wow that is an an amazing place i wished i lived there it looks georges

  3. 3

    Mya said,

    Oh! 1000 times I would say yes to live there I looks absulutly lovely

  4. 4

    shannon Year 3 said,

    I wish i lived there it looks lovely.

  5. 5

    Darshana said,

    i am
    sooo exited to
    go to cabery world
    I saw it with shannon
    when we went to girls football
    match aera.

  6. 6

    Bismah 4m said,

    WOW!The chocolate house looks incredible!!!I wished i lived there.I would love to eat it who wouldn’t!!!:);):D;D

  7. 7

    cool rayan said,

    men i hate that chocolate i don’t like that D:

  8. 8

    cool rayan said,


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