What do you know about solids, liquids and gases?

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    karolina said,

    i know but i get mixed up with solid and luiquid but i get mixed up whick one spreds out like water

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      Don’t worry Karolina. In our science lessons we will be doing a lot more about solids, liquids and gases so that you learn the difference. We will be doing lots of investigations related to this topic.

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    paige said,

    I like learning about solids liquid and gases becuase gas floats around all over the place.And solids our stuck together so close they can not move and liquid are like they move but not in the air.

  3. 4

    Hammaad said,

    I liked it yesterday because we pored the water in to containers

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    Darshana said,


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    udeshpalmann said,

    Solids are tightly packed and they move a little bit and there organised.
    Liquids are not orginised and they move a lot and there not tightly packed.
    Gases are spreaded out like the air and there not organised and there not tightly packed.

  6. 8

    kamal said,

    I know that liquids form the shape of its container and solid dont but they do some times if they are small like sand or sugar. Treacle is very thick and doesn’t act like a liquid.

  7. 9

    Harjun said,

    The particles in a solid are tightly packed and they are organized.
    In a liquid the particles are not so organizied and they move about.
    In a gas the particles spread out and they move about.

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