What poetry techniques do you know to create images?

Write some examples here if you can. Try to explain what each technique is and give an example. Try to use powerful images.

I will help you by reminding you of the names of some techniques but can you remember and explain what they are?

1) Personification

2) Similes

3) Rhyme

4) Onomatopoeia (even I had to check that spelling!).

Miss Martindale

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  1. 1

    mya said,

    These are the techniques that poets use:

    Personification:Personifiication means you describe something as if it were alive even though its not. E.g. The curtains were dancing in the wind.
    Simile:When you describe somthing like somethink else and you compare them. E.g. I was as happy as a lottery winner!
    Onomatopoeia: eg:crash!! Or Boom!! The word sounds like the noise it is talking about.

  2. 2

    karolina said,

    Personification means that an object is imagining it is alive or human like the city had the giggles.
    Simile means that you discribe something like something else. Like as sweet as a kit kat.
    Onomatopoeia means like the noise you hear like shhhhh it sounds like that.

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