2d Shape

Can you explain what we have been learning this week?

Can you remember the different types of triangles?

If you follow the link you can look at some symmetry in nature.


LineSymmetry shape and nature wed

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  1. 1

    karolina said,

    we have been learning about polygon and quadrilatrill and to day about lines of symmertry

  2. 2

    Mya said,

    This week we have been learning about making symmetry through shapes and where 2d shapes are orgonised into.we were also looking at different types of triangles like equalatal,issosilies,scalane and right angle triangles.

  3. 3

    chloe 4m said,

    pollygons have strate sides.

  4. 4

    Noorulain said,

    Pollygons have strayt sides

  5. 5

    sana said,

    I Like the shapes beacuse thay are fun and wonderful.

  6. 6

    hammaad said,

    It was really fun wen we was doing that lesson.

  7. 7

    kamal said,

    this week we have been learning about symmetry and pollygon and quadriactrel it was fun

  8. 8

    karolina said,

    There are lots of ideas. I love them. Great!

  9. 9

    noorulain said,

    It was fun learning about polygons .

  10. 10

    jaspreet said,

    Did you now that ther are no straight sides on some shapes so they are not polygons.

  11. 11

    noorulain said,

    If It has straight sides It Is a Polygons

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