Interpret a bar chart here.

What is the most popular bike sold?

What is the least popular bike sold?

How many bikes were sold altogether?

What is the difference in the number of bikes sold between the most and least popular?

What title would you give this graph?

Use these sites to make your own bar chart:

7 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    cameron said,

    the game is really fun

  2. 2

    sana said,

    I liked when we were testing the solids and gas it was Brillient I liked it it was fun.

  3. 3

    karolina said,

    i liked doing graphs it was really fun and i enjoyed doing to day on the laptops

  4. 4

    mya said,

    wow its amazing what you can do with data to keep you bisy I want to have a go.

  5. 5

    mya said,

    I made a graph just now and I really enjoyed doing it.

  6. 6

    karolina said,

    i think it was brilliant doing the graphs it was exellent.

  7. 7

    simran said,

    too fun

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