Our visit to Cadburys World

Last week we made a visit to Cadburys World to help us with our topic work.

Tell everybody what you learned here. It was great fun seeing inside the factory and seeing the chocolate being made.

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  1. 1

    max@4m said,

    It was very fun at cadburys world.

  2. 2

    NOORULAIN@4m said,

    It was fun go to cadbuyrs world.I fond more information about chocolate

  3. 3

    cameron said,

    it was fun learning about the aztecs

  4. 4

    paige said,

    I liked learning about there aztecs!!!

  5. 5

    Please share some information that you learned….

  6. 7

    zara said,

    our vist to caburys world was fun i learned a lot about the aztecs we found out about how chocolate is made.

  7. 8

    shawon said,

    It was fun at cadburys world because it was very magical also some children wore the crowns because they got the question right although you could see the people in the video screens however our lunch was appettising cadbury world was the bestest factory in the whole wide world.

  8. 9

    karolina said,

    It was a spectacular time. Also i learnd lots of things about the Aztecs and some lucky people got the anwsers right and got to wear the special Aztec hat it was great!

  9. 10

    mya said,

    I really enjoyed going to cadburys world because I learnt so much.

  10. 11

    bismah@4m said,

    Cadburys world was amazing!We learnt so much about the aztecs.My favourite bit was when we made our own delectable,mouth-watering chocolate!!!!!!!Did you have fun?Idid.I wish we could go there again.I cant wait when we make our own chocolate.what flavours are you going to put in your chocolate?

  11. 13

    karolina said,

    i learnt lots of information and i love the part when we came in and smelt the delectible, rich chocolate with a smooth, bright packging

  12. 15

    Ardian said,

    i love faktory to si chocolate wat is duing chocolate with milk,kofi ,dari milk,

    faktory is wery good from chocolate.

  13. 16

    Ardian said,

    It was great fun. I loved seeing the chocolate and the factory. T

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