Year 4 Do Market Research!

In our numeracy work this week we are carrying out market research to help us design our new chocolate bar.

An important skill that we have been developing is choosing which data to collect in order to answer a question.

We have received a letter and have been data collecting to respond to this letter.

Dear Bearwood Pupils,

Thank you very much for your recent visit to Cadbury’s World. Whist you were on
site one of my  managers (Chris Smith) over heard a child saying that they would be designing their own chocolate bar once they returned to school.
Coincedentally, Cadburys are actually just about to design and launch a new chocolate product too.
Since you all seemed so knowledgeable I am writing to ask for your assistance.
I would like you to launch a new product at Bearwood Primary School and if it is successful then I will consider launching this product into the Cadburys range.
I would like you to be creative. The chocolate product should not already exist in the Cadburys range, or in the ranges of our competitors. You must first do some market research to find out about the chocolate eating habits of the children at Bearwood and find out what they would like in a new product.
Please record a presentation of your findings when you have finished so that I can have an update on your progress.

Alan Palmer,
Director of Cadburys.

So far we have written our surveys and started collecting data. Later in the week we will be presenting our data in graphs and interpreting our findings.

7 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    cameron said,

    It was excellent fun today in maths.

  2. 2

    Oceane 5dK said,

    You look like you’re having fun in y4!

  3. 3

    zara said,

    i found it fun in numrey because i liked asking everyone and making a tally chart.

  4. 4

    udeshpalmann said,

    In numracy it was fun becuse we got to make a tally to see how many children liked the flavours in chocolate.

  5. 5

    karolina said,

    I liked todays lesson because you could know better information about people and learn about graphs.

  6. 6

    mya said,

    I loved doing this lesson ofcollected data and presenting into a bar chart.

  7. 7

    karolina said,

    today it was realy fun day and i liked to ask questions

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