What is your favourite advert?

This week in literacy you will be writing and filming your own advert for your chocolate product that you have designed.

Which is your favourite advert on tv?

Watch the adverts below.

What features do they use?

What features will you use in your advert?
Which do you like best? Why?

Please let me know if there is another advert that you would like me to add to the blog.

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  1. 1

    joshua said,

    my favourite advert is the cadburys gorilla. this is becuse the advert is musical and funny. the gorilla playing the drums makes it easy to remember as it is so unusual.
    it makes me want to be able to play the drums like the gorilla

  2. 2

    joshua said,

    the gorilla one beacuse it is easy to remember because it is so different.

  3. 3

    cameron said,

    The gorillar adveart because it is a easy to now tthe song

  4. 4

    shannon said,

    My best one is the grillar advert one.

  5. 5

    Darshana said,

    i likethegorrila advert beacause its the popular
    and its pretty coool

  6. 6

    amanveer 4m/5DK said,

    I remember doing our own adverts and we were asked these questions.I really enjoyed Year 4. I would like to come back it was the best Year 4 class.

  7. 7

    Thunderbirds!!! said,

    I remember doing the adverts with Dylan.It’s quite hard to choose an advert because they were all very good but I would choose the flying cow advert because it’s strange to see someone flying through the sky strapped to a cow.I wonder if he had a parachute?

  8. 8

    mya said,

    I really enjoy it in year 4 aswell I like all of the adverts and it is amazing to see all of the fantastic features.

  9. 9

    Harjun said,

    My favourite one is the gorilla playing the drums.

  10. 11

    Taranpreet said,

    I enjoyed doing it to. It was fun however mine never got recorded!

  11. 12

    udeshpalmann said,

    My favirioute advert is the maltesers advert.

  12. 13

    shawon said,

    My favourite advert is the gorilla’s advert.

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