Recording our adverts. Post by Kyle and Udeshpal

Today at school our classroom was transformed into a recording studio . We had great fun and we used audacity and we used microphons to record our voice over. It was tricky at first but evantually we got it!Then when we finished with our adacity we went on movie making and we put our record onto a time line and we put images on so it won’t be plain.Next lesson where going to add text onto our advert’s ( do not eat this chilly if you are silly) how was your day today y4?

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  1. 1

    Mya said,

    I really enjoyed today in topic because we made those velvety chocolates but some of us did our voice over. With a bit of chaos because some us were making chocolate some of us were doing packiging some of us were doing recording but it was all great fun at once!

  2. 2

    shawon said,

    My favourite day was all of it because it was fun.

  3. 3

    Mrs Skinner said,

    How exciting! You’ll be movie-makers soon! I had a bad headache so couldn’t have as much fun as you did!

  4. 4

    kamal said,

    yesterday was fun because we all got to make 2 delectable mouth watering choclate they look yummy. I can’t wait until tommorow because we get to take home

  5. 5

    udeshpalmann said,

    Thank you for writin mrs,skinner.

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