Our chocolate has been eaten…

Now that the chocolate project is over, we would love to know:

What was your favourite part of the project?

What would you like to do again?

What would you differently?

How are you going to remember what you have learnt?

What did you learn that you didn’t know before?

11 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Mrs Skinner said,

    I’m sure your favourite part was tasting it wasn’t it? It would be mine I’m sure!

  2. 2

    Sahar said,

    Lovely picture makes me hungry I feel like grabbing the chocolate out of the picture and eat it in 1 go.

  3. 3

    paige said,

    I would`nt like to do it again becuase it would be silly doing again.

  4. 5

    kamal said,

    My favorite part was making the choclate

  5. 6

    zara said,

    when we made the choclate it was fun my favrite part was when we had make
    the chocolate and the packgings also when we had to melt the chocolate

  6. 7

    simran said,

    i loved every thing

  7. 8

    cameron said,

    It was fun doing the chocolate

  8. 9

    Dalip said,

    I love eating choclate and that is my favroit and with ice cream but I oley eat it 2s in the week and i oley get it if i do my schoo, home work.But beware of chocalate and if you eat chocalate to much you wiil get a bad tomey aick and your theeth wiil get roten and eny way its ok to chocalate !!!!!!!!!!!!DO NOT EAT TO MUCH OF CHOCALATE!!!!!!

  9. 10

    Dalip said,

    Yes mrs skinner I lloved it when we tasted when we where melting it but I did not like after we made and put chilly in to it and I like white chocalate and abit of dark choalate and gust nomal chocalate.

  10. 11

    cameron 4m said,

    mine to dalip. what was year4s beast time makeing chocolate evryone else?

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