Bearwood lights camera action By Bismah and Harjun

This morning Dom Breadmore came in and told us about different films and how to make one.We have learnt lots about working as a team because we have formed a production company and we are all colleagues.
All of year 4 now know some information aout making a film and who invented the first wooden camera. It was the Lumiere brothers.In the afternoon we were in groups and we held a staff meeting to decide how to move the project forward. We can’t wait to carry on with our work on Wednesday! We also learned about something called a green screen and are looking forward to using one!

In the afternoon we played lots of concentration, drama and freeze frame games to show emotions. You can see these in the photos below.
Even the teachers joined in!

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  1. 1

    jfb57 said,

    Goodness – a production company eh! I can’t wait to see what your green screen produces!!

  2. 2

    Miss Thomas said,

    Im so jealous that you guys get to use green screen. Pretty please can come down and have a go!

  3. 4

    Dalip said,

    I liked that day as well

  4. 5

    CAMERON said,


  5. 6

    CAMERON said,

    It was funny when the green sreen fliped out really fast

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