Characters in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

What adjectives did you collect today to describe the different characters in the film?

What are their personalities like?

Can you remember what ‘SNOT’ is?

How did the director use SNOT in the film?

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  1. 1

    paige said,

    Veruca salt was really rich and ungrateful for what she`s got and she use`s her Dad as a servent.Auguts Gloop was really chubby and he probably not happy that he got a golden ticket. He didn’t deserve one.
    Mike Teeve hejust cared more about the t.v. more and he is lazy.Viloet Bearugde was really mean to her best friend and i would never do that to my friend`s! Charlie Bucket was really sensible and gratefull fo what he had got but the 4 children where just not good enough.

  2. 2

    karolina 4m said,

    all the people in charlie and the chocolate factory are great charecters but some of them are all spoilt and mean and selfish

  3. 3

    priya said,

    charlie and the choclate factory is great (cameron’s sister)
    people were nasty the only good one was charlie.

  4. 4

    Dalip said,

    I had never watched charlie and the chocolate factrory but when we watched it in school I loved the part when he won the golden tickit! It was an amazing film you can just tell by seeing when charlie and his grandpa joe were so poor but they still won the golden tickit and some of the peopal where too jealous! So I like chile and the chocalate factory do you like it? !!!!!!!

  5. 5

    Noorulain said,

    It was amzing when charle got the gold ticit

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