Children In Need

Don’t forget to bring a small amount of money with you for the fundraising events tomorrow.

We will be going on a Pudsey Bear Hunt around school. You must record the red letters and unscramble them to to make a well know phrase. In order to take part you must bring 50p to go towards Children in Need.
Also bring some small change so that we can make a Pudsey floor mural out of coins.

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  1. 1

    paige said,

    I really enjoyed doing the treasure hunt even though i didn`t have 50p.

  2. 2

    karolina 4m said,

    i really loved doing the treasure hunt and inding all f the leters it was great fun

  3. 3

    udeshpalmann said,

    today children in need was really fun and we did a treasure hunt.

  4. 5

    mya said,

    I really liked doing the treasure hunt and how does it feel to have won the raffle prize karolina do you like the game?

  5. 6

    shawon said,

    It was fun doing the hunt I knew the word It was show your spots.

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