Short film- The Passenger

What did you think of the film today?
What was it about?
Which parts did you enjoy most
Did the film have a message?
Were there any special effects?
Where was the action / excitement in the film?
Who would you recommend to watch the film?

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  1. 1

    Dalips dad year 4 said,

    I think this film is very funny but scary in places!

  2. 2

    Dalip said,

    whar do you think of it

  3. 3

    Darshana said,

    i give it a 1000 anyone else?

  4. 5

    paige said,

    What did you think of the film? I liked this film but i would rate it 3 star`s becuase i liked the action and the.Funny things in this film.

    What was it about?It was about a anamation ailen wich is out on the gloomy,darkiness street`s trying to get home when… suddenly a massive scary dog jumps out of the half broken fence.shoking to the alien!!

    which parts did you enjoy the most?I liked the part where the monster ate the aliens umbrella and started screaming like a girl.

    Did the film have a messages? no becuase didn`t have a messeage to say anything.

    where there any special effects? i think but i`m not too sure if it does or don`t

    was there any action/excitement in the film? yes when the dog jumped out of the hole in the fence and the fish became into a monster and ate the poor little dog.

  5. 7

    shannon said,

    I realy enjoyed the film because i realy like horror films there my faviourte.I would give it 10 out of 10.Also i realy liked it when the fish turend into a monster.I wish it was even more sacary!Do you guys wish to?

  6. 10

    Dalip said,

    I loved this film and it was thrilling movie.

  7. 11

    is a very lovely day with watching the films and write something aboutit i like what we do evry day and miss martindale tich us some things amazing i love all this things

    • 12

      Rayan it makes me so proud to read your comments. No one would guess you arrived from Morocco just a few weeks ago. Your English is improving so fast. I should get a move on and learn better French!

  8. 13

    i can t beillive one woman from another country want see us blog so i think we do something amazing for some one want to see the blog

  9. 14

    the passenger film is a horror film and is animation film at the same time i like to watch that film again is realy good when that fish change then he will be a monster i like all what miss martindale chow us i think i m right and all the class room

  10. 15

    i think you okay paige because is no talking in this film we just a music

  11. 16

    paige said,

    Yes your right Rayan well done!!!

  12. 17

    simran said,

    I love the passenger i think it is soo funny thank you for puting it on the blog it is funny and also spooky i would give it a 10 out of 10

  13. 18

    shawon said,

    It was very scary when the goldfish turned into a monster.

  14. 19

    zara said,

    I loved the passanger because it was so fun. My favrite part was when the newspaper flew on the boys face. Also i liked it when he had a peep and saw a dogs kennal and then suddenly the dog started to bark! Also i liked it when he got on the bus and there was no one except a little gold fish so he put his music on and then suddenly … the gold fish turned into a MONSTER. The boy was so terrified about it so he turned the music off and realized the gold fish was a gold fish like usasal!

    I would give it 3 out of 3 because it was so fantastic and brilliant.

    what rating would you give it?

    i liked it when the bus driver lost concentratoin when there was a bee.

    The film was full of suspences and made me jump.

    what was your favourite bit Year 4?

    Did you have any jumps?

    it was fabulous , marvouls and brilliant and when the dog stared to bark it made me jump and the part when the fish turned into a monstor also made me jump!

    what made you jump?

    it was funny aswell

    what genre do you think is it?

    it was a thundrey dark grey night.

    what bit did you like/dislike?

    the boy was all lonley in the bus

    i liked the end bit when the boy put the gold fish on the floor and put the music on and scared the dog.

  15. 21

    ismaeel said,

    I think the passenger was funny – when the man whacked the parana

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