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3D Snowflakes By Harjun & Shannon

Today Miss Martindale showed us a clip about making a 3D snowflake.At first we thought it would be hard but it was quite easy once we got the hang of it. You need a pair of scissors, selotape, plain paper, stapelor and you especially need patience! You need six pieces of square white pveraper too.
We were so pleased with our 3D snowflakes and it was VERY FUN!!

Learn how we did it here:

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Winter Poetry

This week we have been reading and writing winter poetry. We started out by reading a selection of different poems and discussing and analysing the language features. In particular we have been looking for examples of similes, metaphors and personification. Children have chosen their favourite poems. You can hear a selection of children reading their favourite poems below.
We are currently in the middle of writing our own winter imagery poems. Look out for them soon!

Thank you to Mya for filming these clips/

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Camera shots and movement.

Here some members of the class explain a little about camera shots and movement.

Did they miss any out? Can you remember any more?

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Get Publishing university course

This term in Get Publishing University we have been writing and typing storys on a web site named story bird. Why don’t you make your own on .

We all enjoyed it mostly because of the amazing illustrations that we got to choose from.

The website was very easy to understand and work on.

Click on the link to see other amazing storys including ours and many more!

By Niamh and Amrita.

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Some brilliant numeracy lessons. By Zara

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This week in numeracy we have been learning all about 3d shapes and their properties.
On Monday we started with 2d shapes. We were sorting the shapes into Venn and Carroll diagrams. Some of us chose to work with Miss sorting the shapes into hoops and others chose to work independently and choose their own ways to sort.
Yesterday we had to describe the properties of 3d shape. Some of chose to use blu tack to cound the faces, edges and vertices on diferent shapes. Others chose to solve a puzzle where you had to match the description to the correct shape. Others decided to make their own puzzle up for a partner.

Today in numeracy we have had a fantastic time! We have been visualising 3D shapes.Aso we picked a card with a shape name and made 3D models from straws and modelling clay to show we could visualise different shapes in our minds.
Everybody had brilliant fun! We had to use great team work today too.

Tomorrow we are going to make christmas decorations that are different 3d shapes when we work in santa’s workshop!

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Year 4 drumming performance. A small snippet.

Here is a tiny snippet from our wonderful drumming performance. Unfortunately I cannot upload the other videos as I do not have permission for all of the children who appear in the videos to be on the blog.

Well done to everybody in Year 4 for your excellent progress in drumming. You truly are a real band!

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Fabulous filming in 4G

4G have been busy recording their films. I have been extremely impressed how they have all learned their lines. Well done everybody who have already filmed.

Here are a few snippets to give you a taster. We still need to edit and link the clips together.

Hope you enjoy what we have been doing so far.

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