Another intriguing letter arrives By Harjun & sana

This morning, just when we got into the classroom we found another ‘read me ‘letter hidden on a chair at the back of the class. The letter  thanked us for sending letter to Edward’sMum to let her know he was safe. Edward said he might need  our help again. He also asked us if we know what it is like to be evauated. We decided we should help Edward if we can and continue researching about evacuation. The letter was really captavating. We are thinking about where he could be now and how he got here? Everybody was buzzing with excitement and questions again.

What do you think is going on?

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  1. 1

    jfb57 said,

    Gosh – you were right – it was very exciting. I can’t wait to hear what you are going to do next!

  2. 2

    Kerry Turner said,

    I think Edward is staying a in a fabulously large, rambling, old house by the sea. There are three dogs and two ponies which the people who own the house look after. I think that Edward is having such fun playing with the animals and picking up shells on the beach every day. Wouldn’t you?

  3. 3

    mya said,

    How perculiar! I wonder what other help Edward might need us to help him with year 4?

  4. 4

    shawon said,

    I think it’s getting more exciting.

  5. 5

    paige :) said,

    I liked writing letters to Edwards Mom it was so fun!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. 6

    alyan said,

    I liked writing to Edwards mom it was fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. 7

    karolina said,

    What do you think is going on? I think edward was getting avacuated and he is some where else

  8. 8

    darshana said,

    what!wow!!!!thats so amazing & exiting everyone wow once again

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