Mass by Hammaad and Joshua

This week  we have been mearsureing mass. We have been measureing pasta and rice to learn how to use the scales. It has been boosting our learning and it is really fun with kg and g.All the children loved doing it because it was fun to learn about measuring. We also have been learning how to change grams into kilograms. We played a pairs card game to show we knew today and it was fun!

Now we are experts we are going to help Miss Martindale weigh her baby tortiose so she can see if she is growing well.

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  1. 1

    Bismah said,

    This week i thought that kg and g were going to be really,really tricky.But there not! Today when we were converting kg into g it was very fun.I found it really fun when green- stickers(me) did practical work.It was a bit figety when we had to weigh the rice or pasta.I worked with Mya and her question was to convert 75kg into a decimal number.She was struggling at first but after she got it.

  2. 2

    hammaad said,

    it was easy 😀

  3. 5

    Chloe said,

    Yes I agree Hammad and Josh.Also I think its amazing the way you rit the post.

  4. 6

    rayan said,

    that is realy great i love measuring the weight of the things

  5. 7

    karolina said,

    thank you joshua and hammaad for this outstanding post

  6. 8

    Mrs Skinner said,

    When I was at school we used pounds & ounces to measure mass. Have you heard of them?

  7. 13

    leo said,

    hi our names are asma ,leo we like your work ,fined out how much an Elaphant way for us

  8. 14

    leo said,

    Hello our names are leo and asma we are learning about romans are you leaning about weiht. See if there are any mastakes

  9. 15

    leo and asma said,

    hollo are name is leo and asma we love your work and the animals are nice as well.

  10. 16

    leo and asma said,

    hi my name is asma and leo this is are website is

    whot do you lern about ?
    my teaters name is Mr woods and my other teaters is mr sloan

  11. 17

    leo and asma said,

    whot do you lern about ?
    my teaters name is Mr woods and my other teaters is mr sloan

    hi my name is asma and leo this is are website is

  12. 18

    Kennedy said,

    arrrrrr your hamster is well cute i love your blog 🙂

  13. 19

    Alfie said,

    verry funny and clever I hope you can come and show us how you put pictures and videos

  14. 20

    Olivia S said,

    This sounds great!! 😀

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