Problem Solving By Jaspreet and Kyle

For the past week we have done fun problem solving. At first we started out by solving problems when the numbers where covered and we used the vocab wall to help us choose the correct operation. We drew pictures to help to. We didn’t do the working out yet but miss made it funny because the problems were about people in the class and were funny. it is important that we can choose the right operation first before we solve problems. Later we solved some problems were the number isn’t covered then we got to write our own problems it was amazingly fun  and some people had to do two step problems too.
All of our questions were about World War 2 and it was fun to write and solve the problems that we had written.

We have recorded some of the problems we wrote and will put them on the blog later. Please write the operation you would use to solve each problem in your comment.

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  1. 1

    Cameron H said,

    good work really good I am Cameron h and I am from leamore primary school

  2. 2

    Mrs Skinner said,

    That sounds such fun & is such a great thing to know. How can you solve a problem if you don’t know what to do! You now know! Brill!

  3. 3

    sabina said,

    paige i no what is the question is for yours- 40 divided by 5:)

  4. 5

    sabina said,

    shannons question is 14 times 6 I think

  5. 6

    Well done Sabina! Can you solve any others?

  6. 7

    udeshpal said,

    45 plus 36 is 81. so there are 81 troops altogether

  7. 8

    udeshpal said,

    45 plus 36 equals 81 . so there are 81 solders altogether.

  8. 9

    udeshpal said,

    75 – 38 equals 43 pilots left.

  9. 10

    udeshpal said,

    40 / 5 = 8 packs

  10. 11

    udeshpal said,

    75 + 36 = 111

  11. 12

    mya said,

    Dalip I think your problem would be an addition and the answer would 81.

  12. 13

    shawon said,

    I think Hammaads is 45+36 and it equals 81.

  13. 14

    shawon said,

    I think Hammaads answer is 81.

  14. 15

    mya said,

    Yes Shawon I think Hammaads would be 81 aswell.

  15. 16

    karolina said,

    thank you kyle and jasoreet for this lovely post it really helps us

  16. 17

    karolina said,

    i think shannons questions is 14 times 6

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