Does fizzy water evaporate faster than still water?By Kamal Harjun and Darshana

Our Question: Does fizzy water evaporate faster than still water?

Prediction: We think that fizzy water will evaporate quicker than still water because the fizzy water has air bubbles in it. We think it will take 7 days.
1) First we got two beakers that were the same size
2) We filled up both of the beakers with 250ml of water but one of the cups had fizzy water in and one had still in.
3) We put both of the beakers on the windowsill.
4) We kept on checking on the water every morning and every afternoon for one week.
Fair test: We put both of the beakers on the windowsill and they both had the same amount of water. Both of the beakers were the same size.
Conclusion: Our prediction was correct because the particles in the fizzy water were mixed in with air so when the air goes away the water goes down. In the still water there are no air bubbles so this doesn’t happen as quickly.
Does water evaporate quicker if it is moved to different places? If we could do another investigation it would be. Does water evaporate quicker inside or outside?

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  1. 1

    DALIP said,

    that is so clear harjuns grop and i read this one and i think it is amazing even my dad said and my mum nana said that yesterday she cant read english but i trasfomed it into panjarby and all of thum said that it was amazimg,fablouse,cool

  2. 2

    Bismah said,

    Well done Harjun,Kamal and Darshana you set that out very clearly.I could straight away do that with-out and problems!!! ;p

  3. 3

    simran said,


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