Dangle! Writers Workshop

Tomorrow you will be writing about this clip. Watch the short film.
Write a comment below with some sentences to describe the clip. Who can write the best sentence?

Try a 3 ed sentence, ing+ly opener, emotion sentence, simile and a 4a sentence if you can.


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  1. 1

    emiliana said,

    i thoget that it was intresting and funny 🙂

  2. 2

    DALIP said,

    I thought as well if was funny here is my cool amzing sentece

    i think this clip is speted,brillent,amazing and cool

  3. 3

    paige :) said,

    Amazed,shocked,perplexed the man looked at the velvet rope.
    does he pull it or not? am mystery
    i hope you enjoyed my 3ed sentence! 🙂

  4. 8

    karolina said,

    walking merrily the man walked across the snow as his black shoes crunched across the white bumpy snow.

    All a sudden he found a vivid purple rope hanging down is he going to pull it? what is he going to do? hw will he react?

    I hope you like my sentence can you please tell me if i can uplevel it if i need to

  5. 11

    mya said,

    I agree completly dalip and emiliana. I cant wait to do a writers workshop, heres a few sentences I might use in my writing:
    Amazed,perplexed,bewilderd I noticed a significant, bright red rope dangling on top of the covered tall mountain.
    Worried, I stood on top of the immense mountain tugging on to the thin, red rope wondering why the dark, black sky would’nt light up.
    Strolling calmly, I crunched against the icy sliperry snow.
    Peacefully I walked across the crunchy, smooth snow whilst whistling a calm, relaxing song.

  6. 12

    Bismah said,

    Here are my sentences:

    The man, unhurriedly and slowly, walked on the crisp,white snow. In front of himwas a long,towering rope swinging side to side. Puzzled,perpled,disconbobulated he slowly walked to the red,velvety rope. He didn’t know wheather to pull it or not. After a while he felt brave enough to do it. He pulled it so many times that… it wouldn’t turn back on!!!! What could he do??? This was a dilema.
    I hope you like my sentences. Karolina your sentences were really good but you cuold make it more interesting though. 🙂 😛

  7. 13

    umann said,

    this video is funny. i have got sentences already for this video:

    As i was walking up from a really signifacent,monstrous hill with the crunchy,crispy sticks i saw a rope. it was as tall as the sky and when i pressed it i saw all the lights turn off and there was no lights at all

  8. 14

    umann said,

    terrified, shocked, worried i did not know what happened when the rope broke and i did not know where to go to get back home.

  9. 15

    umann said,

    gasping heavily, i was terrified when i broke the rope and it fell down. whAT will i have to do?

  10. 16

    umann said,

    my eyes were full of tears when the lights stayed off. i was wondering if they ever came back on or if it stayed dark .

  11. 17

    umann said,

    and those are all of my sentences

  12. 18

    umann said,

    here is another sentence: as i was walking to the high rope i thought it was a trap and i thought that something or someone would climb down and grab me. i was feeling realy terrified

  13. 19

    umann said,

    and now these are all of my sentences

  14. 20

    umann said,


  15. 21

    kamal said,

    creeping slowly toward the vivid ruby coulored rope the man kept poking the unusual rope then the man keeps switching it on and off but then the light got fused after that lots of people started screaming and the cars were crashing it was a rats nest

  16. 22

    Zara said,

    Here are my sentences:

    The man slowly walked and you could hear the sound of crunching beneath his feet. It was tranquil and abandoned. There was no one there. Silence. Sudenly the man came across a towering , velvet cord hanging from above. I was afraid to pull it. who knows what will happen?

  17. 23

    Noorulain : ) : ) :) said,

    I relly like dangle it was funny.

    The man was very petrefiered. He was thinking what shell I do?

    • 24

      Aiza said,

      The sentance that you did noorulain was good you just need to say it before you write it but the rest was very good well done!

  18. 25

    jfb57 said,

    Some of these are really excellent! Nearly as long as the 100 word Challenge!

  19. 27

    Jujhaar said,

    here’s my sentence

    Carefully,i was walking in the piercing,blanket of snow.The only time i stoped was when i was alerted by a red,long cord.I pulled it…

  20. 28

    shawon said,

    Here’s my sentence:

    Strolling merrily, I meandered through the crispy, crunchy snow until I saw a red crimson rope. Should I pull it? This was a dilemma I got out my quivering hand and yanked the rope. Suddenly… the whole world turned into darkness. Again I pulled the velvet red rope and it turned back into sunlight. After a while I felt especially confident and thought “I GOT THE POWER!!” I continously pulled the rope suddenly… uh-oh I had broken the rope and the whole world turned into a stampede.

  21. 29

    umann said,

    here is another sentence of mine:

    Even though i tugged the rope really hard the lights would not come off

  22. 30

    DALIP said,

    storling,sluglishliy I went to forest as normal when I got the top the monti I saw a red thing in froant of me so went closer as I reach my shvering hand and poch it as brver i puled it and the wohle of world was dark there silence as i pulled it about five and then it was dark i pulled and nothing happed so tried but nothing happped so i jjust ran home and there was couse in the hole of the world…………

  23. 31

    Aiza said,

    I loved watching it was really good it was also funny to.
    The man slowly,carefully walked on the crispy,wet snow he came closer suddenly he saw a long blood-red rope hanging from the white sky he was wondering what was it so he carefully pulled it and the lights went of everything was pitch-black now one was there just him so slowly pulled it again the lights were on finally.

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