Dilemmas in literacy! By Max and Rayan

Today in literacy was really superb because Miss Martindale told us some dilemmas and we had to pick the options and vote with our feet by moving to the different corners of the room; strongly agree, agree, strongly disagree and disagree. One of the dilemmas were ‘stealing is always wrong’ the next one was ‘your friends and family should always come first’ and ‘you should do what is best for family no matter what ‘.
People all had different ideas and some people were talking and disagreeing (but in a polite way!).
The next thing we did was read the fantastic Mr. Fox that Miss typed up on the computer. We read it and then shared our opinions. It was like an argument but just not mean. After that we got into groups of 3. One was the presenter one the fox and one the farmer. In our groups we had to role play and in interview Then some girls recorded there role play on the mac. You can hear it below.
It was hard because you kept changing your mind when you heard different people say what they thought!

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  1. 1

    jfb57 said,

    Fantastic Mr Fox is one of my favourite books! These interviews are excellent. you have managed to get both parties to put their viewpoints forward!

  2. 2

    mya said,

    It was really fun learning about dilemas and yes miss Skinner Fantastic mr fox is a great book.

  3. 4

    shawon said,

    Fantastic mr fox is a faboulus book and it was fun doing the interview.

  4. 7

    Harjun said,

    I Know Mr Fox needs to feed his children but I think he should hunt for his food.

  5. 8

    shannon said,

    But howabout if theres no woods there.If there is then i agree.

  6. 9

    cool ky ky said,

    i think that the famres should give the foxs some food and sothink to drink i agree shannon and harjun 🙂

  7. 10

    kamal said,

    I enjoyed doing dielemas it was fun

  8. 11

    mya said,

    It was fun Kamal. Yes but what about if mr fox will get killed by the farmers? He’s only trying to save his children.

  9. 12

    PAIGE :) said,

    I also agree becuase the farmers can afford lot`s off food but th fox`s can`t.

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