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Blog of the year?

We are very excited to have been nominated for ‘Class blog of the year’. Please help us by clicking the link on the right hand side of this page and voting.

The children all work really hard on the blog so it would be great to receive some recognition.

Well, go on………. have you done it yet?

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Comic relief by Aiza and Emiliana

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Today was comic relief! Lots of people dressed up in silly costumes! It was fabulous. Some people came to school in their pajamas! Everybody raised money for the charity, we also did not just walk we did silly walks like dancing, man on the moon and jumping about. Most people said that Comic Relief was better than Sports Relief. After the walk we went back to school and enjoyed the rest of the day and ended as a fantastic week! We did the walk it in warely woods; we raised money for the charity and asked people to sponsor us. Everyone had come also our parents came too it was really funny in our silly costumes! When everybody came back we were telling jokes to each other and to the teachers. Please comment on this post and tell us how much you enjoyed the day.

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Area and perimeter. By Udeshpal & Harjun

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Today in numeracy we were working on area and perimeter. Some people chose to go outside and some people stayed inside and worked on problems. Some of us used the computers and went on Google maps and solved the different problems on there. We clicked on the yellow pins and the problems were quite challenging but we had great fun! Please comment on this post.

Try the google maps activity here:

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Paige and Zara’s news article. What do you think? click the link to view the voicethread in full size.

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Paige and Zara’s news article. What do you think?, posted with vodpod

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What we did in R.E. By .Shannon, Chloe

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Yesterday miss. Martindale put us in to home groups for our topic work. We each had to choose a different religion to go and become experts about. Because our topic is splash we had to find out how water was important in each of the religions. Also more stuff about that religion like how many gods they had and lots more and like where they worship. It was fun to become experts. Today we went back to our home groups and did a presentation .Our religions that we researched were Sikhism,Islam,Judaism ,Christianity and Hinduism. Now we know some information about all of these religions.

Please write a comment to tell us what you learned.

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Newspaper Reports by Aaliyah 4G

Year 4 have been writing newspaper reports about the awful incident that happened to Little Red Riding Hood’s granny. Here is one completed report.

Wolf On The Prowl!!! Reported by Aaliya

Last night at midnight a blood thirsty wolf attacked
Grandmother at her own cosy cottage. We have no evidence
Yet but still we will have an interview with William the wolf and
Hopefully get more evidence.

After interviews we heard that William wolf had broke in the grandmother’s cottage and locked her in the cupboard. As soon as he broke in he grabbed Emma Smith and pushed her to the ground. Then he put her in the cupboard and locked her in with a metal chain. We had a chat with Little Red Riding Hood and this is what she said “I was terrified when the wolf came in but luckily the woodcutter saved me.” Grandma said she has got over the attack and she is all better now.

Wolf Found!!
Yesterday wicked William wolf was found hiding in the trees refilling some deadly weapons. He aimed them at us but luckily the police smacked them off him and he was taken to jail.
“I thought I got away with it if it weren’t for that medaling kid” said Mr Wolf to reporters after his arrest.

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Mystery Package

Mysterious Box Arrived
By Aaliya
Yesterday during literacy a package arrived for Mrs. Griffiths it said it will be ok for a couple of days I will collect it next week Thanks. Most of 4G think that we should not open it because there might be something dangerous in there. Also the box said DO NOT OPEN. But half of the class thinks yes we should open the box to see what is inside. So we decided we needed to think a little bit more and decided we are going to send the box down to Mrs. Griffiths in nursery and ask her if it belongs to her. We can’t wait to open the box and see!!!
What would you do if you received a package or letter but were told not to open it?

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