Joey and the chain gang. By Kyle

“Please mom can I have a gold amazing chain to show my friends? It costs £100 and I’ve seen it in Bearwood jewelers shop” moaned Joey for what must be the hundredth time.
The next day Joey was in a lesson then he helped his friends called Shanto Bart Max and Karolina with their numeracy work. Then he felt sick. Kyle is his friend as well.
So Joey went out side and got some fresh air and he saw a gang called the chain gang so he asked them if he could join. But they said no and told him to get lost!
“You can’t its only if you have one of the amazing gold chains.” When it was home time and Joey was getting ready to go home he asked Miss Martindale if he could go to the loo. Suddenly he saw a gold chain glistening on the sink. What should he do? What would you do? Eventually Joey decided to quickly hide the chain in his bag so he rushed to the coat pegs and stuffed it in the front pocket of his rucksack. After that he secretly crept back to the line for lunch. Joey felt really guilty. His heart was beating as fast as an Indian drum and his face went as red as a tomato. He thought that everybody was staring at his red face.
Finally it was time to go home. Joey went up stares and got the chain out of the bag and it brang a smile to his face even though he still felt a bit guilty for stealing. Usually he would not steal but now he could be in the gang at last. The next day he saw the gang and pulled the chain out of his bag and hid the chain behind his back. Then he said to them “now can I join your amazing gang?” As usual they said “where is the chain”.
“ it’s hear” I shouted and showed them the chain.
“ wow!” They said “you can join this gang”
“ ok ok” I said. I started showing the chain to my best friends and they were shocked and amazed . They asked where I got that amazing chain. I had to think of an idea on the spot. “I got it from the shops the shop I got it from is the Jewell shop. the shop is amazing!”
After an hour I saw the gang and I said to the gang “what’s up mates? Are you going to the shops to buy the new solid gold chain that has a tooth brush and a pen. It cost £1000 pounds so are you getting it? I am”. But they said they were still saving. It was wicked to be in the gang.
The next day at school I was on the computer printing a book then it was brake time so me, shanto and bart and max, bob and Karolina was playing tig and tag by the tree. Next it was time for literacy. We all was in the same group and were now the best of friends. One hour later it was lunch then I still felt scared because I stole an amazing gold chain and I was worried I would get caught. Everytime a teacher said my name I thought they had caught me out for stealing. Three hours later it was home time and I asked my mom if I can get the new gold amazing chain so I could give back the one I found but she said “no you are not getting that thing it cost £1000 pounds I know that you’ve stole a chain. “
“How did you know that I did do it?”
“ I saw it in your bag when I was putting your lunch in there. You must have stolen it because you don’t have the money…”
The next day I got the chain and gave it back to the boy who it belonged to. I could tell it was his because I saw the name of the boy was Joshua was written on the chain at the back. He was the school bully and he is so strong and he can pick up a massive van! I saw Joshua then I said to him” I took your amazing gold chain but I’m sorry”. And I gave it to him and he said to never touch this amazing chane agane or else.
I was petrified but I felt glad to not be guilty anymore. I will never steal again.

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  1. 1

    Mrs Skinner said,

    This is astonishing Kyle. Firstly for the length – it is truly an extended write. Secondly, it tells such a powerful story. I think it could be used by other classes when they are talking about right & wrong. Very, very well done!

  2. 2

    shawon said,

    Your’e right Mrs Skinner Kyle’s has actually took effort in his work.

  3. 3

    DALIP said,

    that is alot of words there kyle it took me abot 20 mins to read it but it is mind-blowing 🙂 😉 😐 😦

  4. 4

    Rayan said,

    I think it’s realy cool!

  5. 5

    zara said,

    Kyle your storys great!!!!!!! your story is mind blowing!!!!

  6. 6

    Rayan said,

    I agree with you zara.

  7. 8

    umann said,

    WOW!! this story is the best story i have read

  8. 9

    mya said,

    Kyle you have really tried hard writing this, your story is very interesting, I enjoyed reading it.

  9. 10

    karolina said,

    kyle it is fab i enjoyed it GREAT 🙂

    • 11

      DALIP said,

      it is great i agree with you but you need to put in the part where it says it great put in it is great
      🙂 😉 :-(:-|

  10. 12

    paige :) said,

    I really like your story it is really GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 😛

  11. 14

    cool kyle said,

    thanks all of you for the cool commets

  12. 15

    cool kyle said,

    i like this to much i read it all over 🙂

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