The Anklet Angels by Mya

The anklet angels
Chapter 1
“Mom, mom please you don’t understand an anklet means everything to me! I know, don’t buy me anything that’s not necessary for a whole year, then you’ll have enough money buy me an anklet, “I whimpered as mom vacuumed the filthy stairs after my brother had brought his muddy trainers into the house.
“Louise I have enough money to buy you a little anklet but I don’t think you need jewelry, you ‘re only a little girl, mom explained exasperated, why do you even want a anklet?”
I moaned “I’ve told you a million times mom I want one to be part of the anklet angels.”
A while later after an argument in dinner I stormed upstairs muttering to myself “ If you can’t help because all you think about is yourself than I shall have to help myself!”
Still annoyed the next day at school I strolled out to break and quickly caught up with my generous, caring friends Elizabeth and Ciera who were part of the anklet angels. Lily was also part of the gang and as soon as she caught me in the corner of her eye she yelled “ Hey, Louise what have we told you can’t walk with us because you’re not an anklet angel!”
“Oh please, don’t be so horrible, I’m all alone!” I cried trying to make Lily feel sorry for me.
“Laters!” The anklet angels all squealed at once. Heartbroken, I trudged despondently away. On the inside my stomach felt like it was tied in knots but on the outside I payed a smile onto my face.
Days later it was my favourite lesson p.e but I was n’t paying much interest because of how my friends had treated me. Our teacher Mr. Right said all jewelry must be put into a tiny box for sport.
Usually I concentrate and focus ever so well but even I had forgoten to take my earrings off when we were warming up.
So quickly with mr Rights permission I raced upstairs and placed my gold earrings into the small blue box.
There I saw everyone’s glistening, mesmeric anklets. I couldn’t belive I was thinking it, my legs were trembling, my arms were shivering but yes I was thinking of something extreamly naughty and normally this would be despicable to me but I was thinking of stealing! Lilys anklet is exactualy what I wanted ( A silver chain with an ‘L’ charm on). Because I was too eager and this was my only chance I stole the anklet!

Chapter 2
Impatiently I banged lightly on my desk waiting for the day to end and then ring a ding a ding! I raced outside and scrambled my anklet on. Eventually I arrived home but my anklet never arrived. It must have slipped off while I was running. Never mind I felt too guily any way. How could Lily lose something and I get something.
Hours later mom came home and before I could say a word, mom muttered “ Darling, your making my life a misery so I have brought an anklet especialy for you.”
“Oh thanks mom” I quietly said as mom put her bags down. Guilt.
That evening I thought to myself actually I wanted to lose Lilys anklet and I want to lose my new one so ungratefully I through the anklet that mom had broght me into a lake nearby even though I was meant to go to the local news agent.
The next day I noticed that Lily hadn’t got her anklet on and I knew why but anyway I lied “ Lily where’s your anklet?”
She replied “ Oh some idiot must have got their anklet caught in mine and taken it with them. But my parents are welthy so they can soon buy me a new one”
But in the end I never had an anklet so I never joined the anklet angels and I learnt my lesson never steal from that day on.

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  1. 1

    Mrs Skinner said,

    This is a great piece Mya! you have included so many different threads & relationships. It really is a ‘tale for today’! I hope you are very pleased with this work. It is really good!

  2. 3

    shawon said,

    Mya you’ve took so much effort into your story and I actually agree with you Mrs Skinner.

  3. 4

    Rayan said,

    I liked the words that you’ve used mya.

  4. 6

    zara said,

    Mya your storys fantastic!!!!! I like the wow words it it started with dialouge and that hooked me in!!!!
    Mya you used sort sentences to creat suspence , I like the word exaparated , despondently , glistening, mesmeric!!!
    I like this sentence:

    I couldn’t belive I was thinking it, my legs were trembling, my arms were shivering but yes I was thinking of something extreamly naughty and normally this would be despicable to me but I was thinking of stealing!

    Despicable is a fantastic word Mya


  5. 7

    paiges said,

    I also agree Zara Mya has actually put a lot of effort into her amazing work!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  6. 9

    umann said,

    the anklet angels was fantastic

  7. 10

    sabina said,

    I like the word exaparated , despondently , glistening, mesmeric!!!
    Mya your storys is fantastic!!!!!:):):):):):):):)

  8. 12

    darshana said,

    i liked the story it hooked me in too!

  9. 13

    darshana said,

    i liked how u used squeaked than said

  10. 14

    paige said,

    Mya your words are like YR 6 words they are really amazing!

  11. 15

    mya said,

    Thank you Paige and Darshana, you’ve really made my day by saying that!

  12. 16

    emiliana :) said,

    wow rely nice!!!!

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