The KSMB club by Max

Chapter 1

“Mom!” Please let me have a pair of supreme KSMB shoes. I’ll pay you back I promise! “
“No! Your old ones are perfectly fine,” Mum exclaimed whilst turning the TV on and putting her feet up to relax.
“Fine!” I shouted slamming the living room door behind me as I stormed up the stairs.
The next day at school was an unusual day because the KSM club were not in school that morning because the night before they had a sleepover and were shattered in the morning. The KSM club was Paul, Andy and Jack and they acted like bad boys just because they had some special shoes. In fact most the boys in our class (4H) had some except me. Often at lunch I get teased tormented and picked on, but today was the best day of my life. Later on in the afternoon we were doing art and we each had to paint a picture of your favorite movie star. I painted the fabulous tinie tempah just as Andy and Paul turned up. At the end of the lesson I put my masterpiece down and asked Mr. Smart to go down to the toilet to wash my hands. He said ok but to be quick because Mr. Smart does not really like people going. As quick as a cheetah I ran down the really long corridor hoping that he wouldn’t give me a warning for taking so long. On my way into the toilet I saw a speck of gold that caught my eye. I looked round the corner of the toilet and there was my dream shoe, the KSMB shoe……

Chapter 2
What should I do? Should I take them or should I leave them? I thought to myself whilst washing my hands. These thoughts were racing though my head. My heart was beating hard. Suddenly I took one step and then ran taking the shoes with me and stuffed them hastily into my bag. On my way home I felt guilty, regretful and ashamed about the KSMB shoes. For dinner there were pea’s carrots and chips. Later on we had to go shopping and I HATED it. The next day on I went to get the KSMB shoes bag but they weren’t there……
I searched high and low left and right and I could not find them, I was going to be in deep, deep trouble. The next day it felt like everyone was scrutinizing me in assembly but actually it was my mind playing nasty tricks on me. After 3 painfully hard hours it was home time and I felt so disappointed that I kicked the school gate vigorously. On my way home I saw the KSM acting cool and decided to ask them if anyone has lost there KSMB shoes and they replied no. Perplexed, Puzzled, Baffled I wondered what happened to the shoes I thought I had taken. I must have hidden them in the wrong bag and given them back to the owner by coincedence. That day I learned my lesson and never ever stole again….

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  1. 1

    Mrs Berryman said,

    Wow! That was an amazing story Max. I am really proud of the work you’ve done and the enthusiasm you show when talking about it. Well done.

  2. 2

    Mrs Skinner said,

    We all have lessons like this to learn Max. You have written a really good piece here to show just how easy it is to get into these situations. I do hope people read it so that they don’t have to go through that experience themselves!

  3. 3

    shawon said,

    I actually think you are right Mrs Skinner and Mrs Berryman.

  4. 4

    DALIP said,

    that story is amazing,fablouse,maind bowing

  5. 5

    Rayan said,

    I strongly agree with you dalip.

  6. 6

    Rayan said,

    I think you will have to check how you’ve spelled the wow words dalip.

  7. 7

    zara said,

    Max your story is fablous i love the wow words and i was really hooked in!!!!!!!

  8. 8

    umann said,

    the ksmb club was a phenominal, fantastic

  9. 9

    mya said,

    Good work max you worked really hard.

  10. 10

    Harjun said,

    Max this story is amazing. Those KSMB trainers look awesome.

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