Our exhilarating probability lesson By: Hammaad and Rayan.

Today we’ve been learning about probability language and some of the words that we’ve used are: Impossible, certain, likely, unlikely & even chance. Some of us were even writing our own events and deciding the chances of it…One of the marvelous sentences was: A volcano is going to explode in bearwood. The thing that was very enjoyable was when we had to decide which word we needed to use for each event and that was the most enjoyable part about the lesson. It was a bit challenging but we were feeling confident in the end at using the new words.

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  1. 1

    jfb57 said,

    I am CERTAIN that in the UNLIKELY event of a test you would have more than an EVEN CHANCE at succeeding. Failure would be IMPOSSIBLE! 😉

  2. 2

    hammaad said,

    i really liked this because it was fun and enjoyable

  3. 4

    paige said,

    I first thought that proabilty would be really hard but its really easy on thursday I had to do 100 rolls!!!!

  4. 5

    shawon said,

    I also thought probality would be hard and I also did have to do 100 rolls on thursday.

  5. 6

    PAIGE! said,

    At first I thought that proabilty will be very hard for me but it isn`t it was really easy!!!!!

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