Bridezilla strikes Bearwood! By Max and Shannon

Today in math’s Miss Martindale turned into a bridezilla and started demanding us to make hats and symmetrical flags exactly as she wanted them! If we didn’t do that Miss would get very fussy and start stomping her feet because it was the most important wedding of the year. It was really fun because it was like art but just it was numeracy and we learned about measuring and symmetry. Some of us also learned about transformations and translations. We also had to decorate the hats and flags miss made it very spacific like the jewels had to be exactly 2.4cm tall and there was lots more rules so it kept us busy and it was very fun .

In year 4 we have been making some flags and hats for Miss Martindale’s wedding. We have been very busy drawing, measuring and colouring. We had to measure our heads to find out the right size to make the hat. Then we had to draw symmetrical patterns on the hat. The shapes had to be specific sizes and 2.5cm apart. Most of us have finished and we have been taking lots of pictures to go on the blog. We are all very excited We hope Miss Martindale will have a good time.
By Aaliya

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  1. 1

    jfb57 said,

    Well know – you just let me know if the bride-to-be gets too big for her boots & I’ll come & have a word! Sems like she is going to be very fussy with her demands!! 😉 Looking forward to seeing all these ‘carefully measured’ things!

  2. 3

    PAIGE! said,

    The Bridezilla was so demanding today and she had made a massive fuss!

  3. 9

    shawon said,

    Fuss fuss fuss fuss fuss Miss Martindale kept on demanding us.

  4. 10

    DALIP said,

    yes shawon yes fuss fuss fuss fuss

  5. 11

    Erm excuse me Year 4- I did warn you at the start of the lesson that it was my prerogative to be a fussy bride! I wanted those measurements really accurate! Miss Martindale

  6. 15

    simran said,

    i think we all should just keep quiet and make the hats and flags and mabye miss wont fuss again!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 😛 😀 😉 🙂

  7. 21

    Noorulain :) said,

    I really like making the hats.

  8. 23

    zishan said,

    why is she called bridezilla

  9. 25

    PAIGE! said,

    With all her wedding to plan maybe Miss Martindale needed an extra hand and weddings cost a lot of money and she maybe needed some help thats why she was BRIDEZILLA!!! 😛

  10. 26

    sana said,

    Bridezila Martindale was realy strict. In our lesson Miss Martindale was strict that we had to do lots of measuring exactly as she wanted.

    • 27

      Aiza said,

      yes sana I agree with you but check your mistakes and read your work before you even type it okay so we could understand what it says.

  11. 28

    Aiza said,

    I loved making the hats and flags but so far i enjoyed planning miss martindale fantastic wedding.

  12. 29

    Aiza said,

    I hope miss martndale enjoys her self on her enjoyful wedding.

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