The Honeymoon! By Harjun and Shannon

Today in numeracy we have been planning Miss Martindale’s honeymoon so that she is never bored on her trip. We had to plan every single activity from waking up until bedtime so she wouldn’t be bored at all. Some of the prices were £600 in total for the week! We all had great fun. The majority of the class wanted to go to Mexico too but have we will have to wait until we have a honeymoon I suppose! We had to use addition and also find time intervals . We have had to use a lot of maths whilst we are planning a wedding!

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  1. 1

    karolina said,

    I really enjoyed doing this it is my favourite lesson because if it was a member of your family you would also want it to be perfect and i think everyone tryed very hard and done there best. It was really fun when you got to choose what activity miss Martindale wanted and Chris but there was lots of option and they where hard to decide because they where all so fab. I really thought miss would like yo do some dancing and a massage i chose the massage because i thought miss might be stressed out with all the brilliant activity’s she done.

  2. 3

    mya said,

    Your right karolina there lot of option and a lot of numeracy included too but it was all definatly worth it! I’ve really enjoyed planning allof the wedding and it has helped me to see how numeracy is used in real life. What have you thought of planning this wedding 4M?

  3. 4

    Mrs Skinner said,

    How lucky for Miss Martindale that you are so thorough & hard working!I’m really amazed that there was so much numeracy in this exercise!

  4. 5

    shawon said,

    It was our favourite lesson karolina and it was really hard work.

  5. 6

    shannon said,

    I think your right karolina it was great planning Miss Martindales honeymoon and her whole wedding it was great!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉

  6. 9

    sana said,

    I liked choosing the honymoon for miss montidale it was amazing. There was lovely pictures. I could ‘t choose which honymoon for miss montidale because they all were great. 🙂

  7. 11

    mya said,

    I’ve really enjoyed this lesson and had a great time! I loved doing the timetable of what she could do each day, there were so many options. Mexico does have a lot of fantastic activites!

  8. 12

    Thank you for all of your help with wedding planning Year 4. I really appreciate all of the effort that you have put in. I wish you could all come with me to Mexico but unfortunately that is slightly out of my budget! (Which of course you helped me to plan!) Miss Martindale.

  9. 13

    paige :) said,

    I really enjoyed planning the honeymoon I enjoyed picking out the activetys for Miss Martindale and now I am more confident with time it was very easy and I found the hard bit -I think I found the time intervals a bit counfuesing becuase I was very (well just a little) confused.

  10. 15

    darshana said,

    i like to learn this way… do u?

  11. 16

    sana said,

    yes I do darshana aswell

  12. 17

    cool shawon said,

    We had to work hard.

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