Imaginary World Update By Aarondeep, Joshan and Ismail.

On Monday in literacy we started to draw our own avatar characters it was fun when we were drawing them .Once we had drew them we had to describe them in detail. Then we played a game where you needed a partner. First your partner draws the head of the creature without letting you know. Then your partner folds the paper to cover the head, and then you draw the body and legs. Then your partner draws the tail. After that we opened it and saw the creature. After we played the game we made our own creature. Some children used images from the internet to create a mish mash evil creature too. By Aarondeep, Joshan and Ismail.

In literacy we have also been going on a web site called sumo paint. We had to choose a picture and just have a play around with the different effects. We have been doing a lot of different things on there e.g. brightness, 3d effects and changing the colour. While that group were doing their activity the other group was drawing there imaginary world. We put lots of weird creatures and plants in our world. If we didn’t know how to draw trees or plants Mrs Griffiths had kindly printed out some pictures for us.
By Aaliya and Halima

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  1. 1

    PAIGE! said,

    My one was really funny but my massive powerfull enime wasnt funny!

  2. 2

    karolina said,

    it was really un and funny because when we made uoir creature some of them looked very funny. ireally loved this lesson and sum paint was also great because you can change all of the colours and shadown and even put ina little stick man by drawing it. i have madwe up some sentences about my avatar. He is a bold,corogous avatar that is a blood red colour. He is a undefeatable,powerful avatar with spiky wings like daggers that you wont dare to touch them. I really hope you enjoyed reading me sentences also if you thinkm i can uplevel them can you let me know.

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