Avatar Story by Jaspreet

“Hey do you happen to know where the lab is?”
Shouted Jake to the man next to him. He shouted because the propellers of the helicopter was drowning out his voice.
“Yes, of course it’s the third door on the right down that corridor’’ he replied pointing towards a brightly lit corridor which was bare like a hospital. “Are you James’s brother? Sorry I’m Dan, I was a colleague of his. I was devastated when he was killed on the Pandora mission. ”
“Yes I’m James’s brother and I’m called Jake“ he replied quietly as he had been reminded of the terrible accident that had killed his devoted brother. “When you go through the door the lab is right in front of you” continued Dan
“Thanks Dan” Jake said.”I’ll see you later”.
“Good luck Jake. You will be a great researcher” replied Dan as he turned and raced towards an army tank.
Then Jake rode in his wheel chair and headed for the lab. When he arrived by the lab door he took a deep breath and headed inside.
Inside the lab he was met by Victor the laboratory technician. “ greeting you must be Jake welcome to Starway Lab. I hope you had a safe and comfortable journey and that you are ready for your mission.” Jake replied “Erm yes,yes it was different even if I say so myself.” Victor put out his hand in greeting and shook Jakes hand. Victor was laughing and replied “ well I’ve never heard it put like that before. Ok follow me there’s no time like the present to get started.” Jake followed Victor through an enormous sizable electronic door that made both him and Victor look like ants against it. Jake looked around at all the unusual equipment that greeted him. Jake began to sweat and his heart began to pound in his ears. He suddenly became aware of someone talking to him.We have discovered some creatures and they are called thtarzanins and we have worked out a computer programe that replicates their bodies. “hello sir this is James’s brother” slowly explained Victor. “Are you tough boy “shouted the general suddenly. Jake noticed an Avatar that was addressed to his late brother James. Victor turned around to face Jake “this is your avatar Jake. You can take off from where James left off.”
“This is the one your brother used and now it is yours Jake it is the one he used to try and get the stone that we need to keep Earth alive. He was a good man and it is a great loss to our company.” Victor added. “ Victor continued “I will be going with you on this risky tarzanin mission.” “I will take my brothers place and I will be honoured to work alongside such a notorious company. “Replied Jake. Victor climbed into his machine. Jake was lifted in by another assistant. Suddenly he felt as if he was being hurtled through space vooooooooom!………

they found themselves in the middle of a fight. In the near distance Jake spotted a micro phone so he ran to the micro phone picked it up and began to shout into it. Jake announced “why do we have to fight for a small lump of rock when there are plenty for both of us. Surely if you ask nicely they might share the stone with us.” The general and the chief Avatar came forward and greeted each other in friendship. The general and the chief began to discuss ways to share the stones. They came up with an agreement and the war was now over.

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  1. 1

    hermina said,

    I think your story is wonderful you did a grate job.

  2. 2

    Zara said,

    Jaspreet i think you have worked really hard. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 8) 8) 8) That was fantastic.

  3. 3

    Ruth said,

    Wow! Can’t believe this is Year 4 work! Very atmospheric and lovely use of language. Very impressed.

  4. 4

    RaYaN said,

    Your story is marvellous, I quite liked the start.

  5. 5

    Noorulain said,

    I like your story Jaspreet it was so fun reading your story Jaspreet. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. 6

    paige said,

    Well done Jas you have worked very hard on your avatar story well done 🙂

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