Avatar story- Mya

Imagine a world where picturesque, exquisite plants are almost as tall as buildings.
Well if you enjoy thinking about this strange, bizarre adventure listen carefully as I begin my story.
It all started when I was wondering about trying to find my way around.
“Excuse me I’m Clare, Tom’s sister, could you please show me where the BYN laboratory is to Pandora?” I politely asked.
An old lady scruntinized and replied in a croaky voice “Down the hall and on your right”.
I thanked her and continued my intriguing journey on my wheel chair unfortunatly.
As I arrived in the lab I met the cruel, savage manager who made me feel so pointless. I knew she was only doing her job and trying to make money however there was something about her that I didn’t like.
In about a few minutes time I had learnt that there was a captivating, shimmering stone in a world called Pandora that costs a fortune. My job was to travel to Pandora in a hi-tech machine and return that stone back to where it belongs (the BYN labatory).
Feeling courageous I stepped out of my wheel-chair and lay down in a cramped cage, shut my eyes and began my engrossing adventure…
Chapter 2
Intrepidly I awoke and gently rubbed my bleary eyes. Although it usually takes me a while to get up I jumped strait out of my scientific cage and out into the Pandora world.
Feeling adventurous I swooshed my bright yellow tail and set out to explore. I saw mountains of trees towering above me, a sky blue ground below me and a deafening screech in the distance.
What was that awful noise? On the inside I felt ever so terrified but on the outside I payed a bold smile upon my face. A few seconds later all was silence. An absorbing silence. A while later I heard footsteps coming towards me.
At the glimpse of an eye I saw two pale brown horns beside me…
I calmly turned my body to face the beast and noticed this unusual creature had dark red skin which glowed in the sunlight. Feeling slightly more courageous I quietly muttered
“Err, Hi my name’s Clare, what’s your name?
“RAHHHHHHHHH”! The creature angrily replied.
Never before have I been so petrified in my life, I knew there was only one option: RUN!

Chapter 3
Unfortunately my plan had failed, it was even worse now because I was being chased by beast!
GOSH! my footsteps felt tiny compared to the stomping of the beast!
Fortunatly as I ran for my life! I came across another young avatar named John who spoke to the aggressive beast in his language. Responsibly the savage, boisterous beast listened to John and calmly sat.

15 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Zara said,

    Mya I think your avatar sory is amazing. You have used lots of wow words like: picturesque exquisite intriguing and many more. Make sure your sentences make sense.

  2. 2

    hammaad said,

    i like your wow words

  3. 3

    mya said,

    Thank you Zara and Hammaad, I hope you liked it.

  4. 5

    emiliana :) said,

    i like your avater story 🙂

  5. 7

    shannon said,

    Zara your right mya did use loads of wow words i think we should put them on the wow word wall.

  6. 8

    karolina said,

    i really loved reading this story i think it is fab i loved your wow words you used.

  7. 9

    karolina said,

    i really love this story i think i couldent do better with my sory. star: i really love your wow words wish: you are using the dame punctuation a bit more. Any way your work is fab i love it i think you have tryed really hard on it.

  8. 10

    Noorulain said,

    I think it is really good Mya. 🙂

  9. 11

    karolina said,

    I really loved reading this piece of work i think other people enjoyed it aswell. I think you have tryed really hard and enjoyed it. this is a great story.

  10. 12

    karolina said,

    This is amazing i think i love it and i would like to know some of the wow words you used please wont you mind Mya.

  11. 13

    PAIGE! said,

    I think your wow words a brilliant!!!!! like exquisite, picturesque courageous Wow Mya your story is so phenomal!!!! 🙂 😛

  12. 14

    ky ky harte said,

    that was wickid mya and i will raed it again 😀 🙂

  13. 15

    ky ky harte said,

    and karolina i agree whith you

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