South Africa facts

I am really interested to hear what facts you have discovered during your research this week.
Please let me know here. Miss Martindale.

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    karolina said,

    I have found a lot and i think they are really intresting and they are about animals in South Africa
    Giraffes eat dusk,fruit and fresh grass but the grass cant be to yellow because then they can die easily.
    Male giraffes have dark spots and female giraffes have light spots. They have a blacky yellow tounge of the sun in South Africa.
    Speed: They can run up to 55 miles pair an hour.
    Buffalos are really large and have really heavy legs so they take tiny steps. There front hoves are larger then there hinds.
    Diet: they mostly eat browny grass. Male buffolos can weight up to 1760 pounds and females weigh up to 1650 pounds.
    The Elephant is the largest living land mammal, one of the most impressive animal on the planet. The Elephant’s muscular trunk can suck water for about half an hour.
    They dont mostly eat because most of the times they drink or suck water.
    Lions are the second largest members of the feline family in the world. Lion are tan in colour and have a slightly white under-body.
    lion mostly all the time eat meat.
    Speed: lion are very fast and there paws have like a kind of pattern.

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    karolina said,

    I really love learning about South Africa i think this is a great topic to learn about. Also i think other people enjoy it to because i enjoy it a lot.

  3. 5

    karolina said,

    I wpuld also say thank you to Dalip who thought of this idea because it hink it is a brilliant idea. πŸ˜€
    thank you Dalip

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    Zara said,

    I have found some infomation about animals:
    there are 9 species of giraffes and a Giraffe stands while sleeping. Did you now It is the tallest of all living land mammals! Giraffe’s tongue’s are blue and can grow more than 40cm long!! The giraffe mostley eat at dusk and dawn on leaves and fruit. The giraffe has a sharp sense of hearing! The giraffe can eat up to 34 kilograms per day!!!!! The average lifespan ( how long it can live for) is up to 25 years.

    The leopard on average can weigh up to 150 pounds. The Leopard can make a loud deep roar. They hunt alone, and they do it silently. They eat incects and huge animals such as a giraffe and a buffalo.

    The cheetah is an amazing African animal. The cheetah is a carnivore and eats small insects. Cheetahs often get confused with leopards.he cheetah is the fastest land animal they can run up to 113 kms.Their tail measures in at about 75 centimetres.They weigh about 50 kilograms on average.They stay almost camoflouged in grass, or climb a tree and scan for their prey.

    These elephants are on average 10 feet tall.The African Elephant is the largest living mammal on land! The elephants breathe through their trunks.They can also suck water into their trunk and then squirt the water into their mouth. Their ears are about 4 feet long. They have large tusks and thick greyish skin!!!!

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    karolina said,

    I think these facts are really interesting and i think everyone is having fun researching about different things i think this is fab.

  6. 8

    shawon said,

    I enjoyed learning about Nelson Mandela with Joshua.

  7. 9

    Zara said,

    I really enjoy learning about south africa!!!!!!

  8. 10

    PAIGE! said,

    I like learning about South Africa its really good I wrote along paragraph about Nelson Mandela and I found more facts!!

    Nelson Manela was the worlds famous prisoner and the worlds
    famous person. He was diognosed with cancer in 2001 but was quickly treated and the cancer went. He retiredd in 1999. Did you know? that Nelson Mandela tried to stop apartied that is why he got put into prison also on his 7th birthday he was the only ever child in his family to ever goto school and for the occasion his Dad brought him his first pair of trousers. When he went to school the school didn`t except South African names so his teacher changed his name to Nelson.

    Two years later his Father died becuase his Mother could`nt look after him he was sent to a Royal Palace and had to be looked after by his gaurdian ( I forgot his name) When Nelson Mandela was in prison peope protested ( it means when you want something) to let him free. and he would never goto bed without and elder person telling him a story before the Europeons. In 1994 he let South Africans vote for the first time becuase the White people would only be able to vote.He also had 3 wives and fathered 6 children and he had 20 grandchidren I can remeber 3 of his wives
    He also became the first South African presidant.I have also found out that a problem of being presidant was the shotage of the houding for the poor. His son died in 2005 Makgatho.
    In the winter 1964 he was senteanced (put into prison) to life in prison
    Also he remained in prision at Robben Island for 18 yrs till he was moved to pollsmoor prinsion in the mainland in 1982 his Mother died and his older son was killed in a car crash but he wasn`t allowed to go to there funreals
    this is a timeline to show you what happens:
    1918 – Born in the Eastern Cape
    1956 – Charged with high treason, but charges dropped
    1962 – Arrested, convicted of sabotage, sentenced to five years in prison
    -1964 – Charged again, sentenced to life
    -1990 – Freed from prison
    -1993 – Wins Nobel Peace Prize
    -1994 – Elected first South African president
    -1999 – Steps down as leader
    -2001 – Diagnosed with prostate cancer
    -2004 – Retires from public life
    -2005 – Announces his son has died
    -2007 – Forms The Elders group
    -2010 – Appears at closing ceremony of World Cup
    By Paige

    • 11

      PAIGE! said,

      I had not copied and pasted I put all of it in my own words and my Mom helped me with the timeline!!!!!
      I also wrote about Nelson Mandela on South Africa by Harjun but I had added abit more on to this paragraph.

  9. 14

    karolina said,

    I agree zara!

  10. 15

    Bismah said,

    This is my homework. 27.06.2011

    Animals in Australia.

    All about a Mallee Fowl

    The Mallee Fowl is a Megapod and a large sedentary bird Their name “Mallee” comes from the main district where they are found, (North East Victoria) which is also the name to describe the semi arid eucalypt woodland in the region (Mallee Scrub).
    DESCRIPTION The Mallee Fowl is a large bird (even plump looking) around 15 kg on average and up to 600mm in length Their colouring is a range of mottles Grey, Brown, Tan & Black with a white to grey throat and underbelly with a dark bill Their average life span is 30 years They make mainly a booming noise which comes from the male (territorial) .
    Diet: These birds do not need to drink from surface water. They feed on seeds (acacia & cassia shrubs), herbs, blossoms and insects such as cockroaches and beetles.
    Habitat.This megapod has adapted to the harsh conditions in Southern Australia which is very dry low woodland. They live and move on the ground but can also be found roosting in low bushes.

    All about a Quokka

    The Quokka is a small marsupial like the forest wallabies and tree kangaroo’s of eastern Australia. Their very active at night, the Quokka sleep (often in small groups) during the day in the shelter of dense vegetation, and at night time (being sociable)up to 150 adults converge on waterholes.
    The Quokka is a small marsupial and looks like a Wallaby or Kangaroo. It’s head is broad but short, with a dark stripe visible on the forehead. They have small, rounded ears covered by fur Its body has long thick shaggy fur normally coloured brown or grey flecked Its hind (Kangaroo like) feet are covered with stiff long hairs The tail is relatively short and is fairly smooth with little hair on it Quokkas sleep during the day.
    FEEDING It feeds at night on native grasses and the leaves of shrubs. They need drinking water, but can survive long periods without it. This is helped by the remarkable ability of the Quokka to reuse a portion of their bodies waste products!
    Temperature where they live:
    They live in a warm temperature climate in long grass or shrub land (semi arid heath) where they make pathways or runways for feeding and escape if disturbed.

  11. 16

    Bismah said,

    Here is my South African storie for homework aswell.

    These were the early days when the Earth was young. The land was very hot and dry. In this shimmering new world, water could be found only in a few small pans scattered around the desert.
    At one such pan the Baboon stood guard, claiming that he was the owner. “No one may drink here, for this water is mine alone!” he declared, chasing away all who came to drink.
    He had built a fire close to the pool so that he could protect his water during the bitterly cold desert nights.
    One day the Zebra came to quench his thirst after a very long and tiring journey. In these early days the Zebra had no stripes. He wore a dazzling coat of pure white fur.
    The Baboon jumped up angrily. “Who are you? Go away!” he screamed, “I am Lord of this water. It is mine!”
    The Zebra was in no mood to listen to this selfish Baboon. “This is not your water, you ugly monkey! It belongs to everyone!” shouted the Zebra.
    The Baboon was furious and said that if he wanted the water he must fight for it.
    The two were soon engaged in a fierce struggle. Locked in combat, they rolled back and forth around the pan. Finally the Zebra gave one mighty kick and the Baboon was sent flying high up into the rocks behind the pool.
    The Zebra had kicked so hard that he lost the balance. Staggering back into the Baboon’s fire, he sent the burning sticks flying up in the air. These left black scorch marks all over his fine white coat.
    Hurt and frightened he galloped in to the plains where he has remained ever since. Eventually he came to like his new apparel which maid him stand out, distinguished amongst the other animals
    However, the Baboon had landed on his buttocks, with a mighty thud, amongst the hard rocks. He has remained in the koppies ever since, nursing his bald red bottom and still as angry as ever.

  12. 17

    karolina said,

    I really enjoy learninng about south africa and i also made up a little song it goes like this
    we are learbning about south africa 123 come on south africa i hope you enjoyed it and please tell me if i can add anything in or change it a bit.

  13. 18

    Aiza said,

    Australian animals!!!!!!
    Dingos are like dogs that live in autalia. They are awake mostly at night and eat meat. They are also part of the dog family. They have lots of different howls which mean different things. Dinngoes like to eat rabbits and kangaroos but if there aren’t any of those animals around they will hunt other animals. They can be brown, black or white.
    koalas mostly eat there food at night. they can live up to 12 years. Koalas dont have a tail. Koala babies live in moms pouch for seven or eight months and leaves when it is about one year old. Koalas have special pads on their hands and feet to hold on to trees.

  14. 20

    Aiza said,

    This is a african story!!!!!!!!!

    Once upon a time, a long time ago, there lived a young husband and wife in a small village in Africa. For some time now, the husband had not been happy with his marriage. He began to come home late from working in the fields. His wife thought he was the most wonderful man. But she was unhappy, too. His behavior was making her miserable.

    Finally, she went to the oldest man in her village, the village elder. The elder was sad to hear her marriage was not a happy one. He had married them only two years before. At the time, he was sure that the marriage would be a good one.

    “Of course I will end your marriage if that is what you want,” he told the young wife, after listening patiently for a while. “You will be free to marry again. But is that really what you want?”

    “I want my husband to be loving,” she said. “I want to be loving. We are both miserable.”

    “I think I can help you,” the elder said slowly. “I can prepare a secret potion that will change your husband into a loving man.”

    “Prepare this magic potion at once!” the young wife cried out excitedly.

    “I could make it,” he said sadly. “But I am missing an important ingredient. I am too old to get this ingredient for you. You must bring it to me.”

    “What do you need?” the young wife asked eagerly. “I’ll bring it today.”

    “I need a single whisker taken from a living lion to make the potion work.”

    Her eyes widened in alarm. She bit her bottom lip. She straightened her shoulders. “I’ll get it for you,” she nodded.

    The next morning, the young wife carried a huge piece of raw meat down to the river where lions sometimes came to drink. She hid behind a tree and waited. After waiting many hours, a lion ambled down to the river to have a drink. He sniffed at the raw meat. In three bites, the meat was gone. He raised his mighty head. He knew she there. The young wife held her breath. The mighty lion moved slowly back into the forest and disappeared.

    The next day, the young wife came again. This time, the lion appeared quite quickly. This continued for many days. Days became weeks. Each day, the woman crept from her hiding place behind the tree, moving closer and closer to the lion.

    At the end of four weeks, she moved quietly next to the lion and sat silently while he ate. Her hand shaking, she reached slowly out and pulled a whisker from his chin. Holding her prize firmly in one hand, she sat frozen until the lion had disappeared back into the forest.

    She ran to the elder, waving her whisker. “I have it,” she shouted. “I have it!”

    The elder was in awe when he heard her story. “You do not need magic to change your husband back into the loving man he once was. You are brave enough to pull a whisker from the chin of a living lion. It took cleverness and bravery to do what you have done. Can you not use that same patience and courage and wit with your husband?

    “But the potion,” the young wife said eagerly. “Would not that work as well?”

    “Perhaps,” the elder told her. “But it would not last. Trust me, my child. Show your husband each day that you love him. Share his problems. Make him feel welcome. Make him feel wanted and needed. Give him time to change and see what happens.”

    The young wife went home and followed the elder’s advice. Slowly, her husband began to return from the fields with the other men of the village. He began to look glad to see her. Within a year, their life was a happy one.

  15. 22

    karolina said,

    I love learning about South Arica

  16. 23

    jada said,

    that must have been fun , now I want to go to south africa ! have a quick look at our blog in year3

  17. 24

    karolina said,

    This is a great topic to learn about it hink when i might go to south afria i will know so many facts i wont have to ask anyone.

  18. 25

    usman said,

    It is great facts some day you might go to Africa you know Karolina, I have just seen lots of wounder full facts fantastic.

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