The Mermaid story

Watch the story again here.

How is the old man feeling at different points in the story?
Can you add wow words to describe how he is feeling?

Also use the following websites to help you with your research about Aboriginal culture and life:

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  1. 1

    PAIGE! said,

    I like the mermaid story it is very unique and its very calm I like watching storys from Australlia they are very unique and diffrent!

  2. 3

    Harveen said,

    I like the mermaid story I would be lonly,afraid!!!!

  3. 5

    Rayan said,

    This story was a realy sad story…

  4. 7

    mya said,

    Yes Rayan, this is a very sad story, it’s also really interesting and eye-catching.

  5. 8

    PAIGE! said,

    I thought that this fact was very intreasting!!!!!! πŸ™‚
    -The word `aboringinal` came from Itlay & Greece!
    At 1st I never knew that the word Aboringinal came from Itlay and Greece!!!!

  6. 9

    zara said,

    I really enjoyed watching the mermaid story. It was interesting.

  7. 11

    darshana said,

    The aboriginal people have more than 18,500 generations.
    Dreamtime stories are like myths and legends. the aboriginal people would be allowed more than 1 wife and be violent to there children.The aboriginals would draw with a chalky paste on they faces. They have a muscical instroment called the digeridoo. The aboriginies don’t have a written language they draw and speak to comunicate they have more than 200 languages.

  8. 12

    Zara said,

    Here is some facts about aboriginal people:

    The word aboriginal came from italy and greece.The word “aboriginal” means “the first” or “earliest known.
    Did you now that aboriginal people use rocks for art. They dont have a written language they dance and speak to communicate with each other. They have more than 200 launguages!!! The men going hunting in the billabong ( pond). The animals were not kept in cages. They have have dot painting, rock painting and bark painting. They used lots of diffrent techniques for art. They had symbols which meant diffrent things. Music is a powerful part of Aboriginal culture. They are aloud more than 1 wife. They have a instrument called digeridoo! Aboriginal Art symbols are used on all forms of Aboriginal Art to help tell the stories of their history and culture. Artists used basic set of symbols, such as dots, concentric circles and curved and straight lines.

  9. 13

    mya said,

    This what I’ve learnt about Aborigines:
    The aborigianal people had more than 200 languages! They belive in dreamtime stories, in these dreamtime stories there like myths and legands, they teach you a lesson. Aborigines also belive that in the first ever generation, the aborigines turned themselves into our world. In their culture they belived that when you die you turn into something else( reincarnation).

    I love learning about the agoriginal stories, it’s very fun.

    • 14

      mya said,

      Also the aborigines have symbols because they never actually had a written or spoken language. The straight lines sybol means theres a camp place nearby.

  10. 15

    karolina said,

    these are my facts.
    1) Aoriginal people had to make there own bowls and spoons our of wood.
    2) Austrilia people knew the Aboriginal people well.
    3) The Aboriginal people where goint with New Guinue.
    4) If the women couldent find any food for the family they even had to dg for it.
    5) Children can get punished like battered and hurt.
    6) The children can also be awarded and get extra food for luch or dinner.
    7) The Aboriginal people had to eat in groups.

  11. 16

    max said,

    My facts.

    -The Dreamtime for Aboriginal people is the time which the earth received its present form and in which the patterns and cycles of life begun.
    – Sometimes creating their surroundings and sometimes changing into animals or people, the Dreamtime reflected the events and characters of daily life in the Australian desert.
    -Australia Aborigines created stories to teach each other about the Dream time
    – Today you paint with different materials but back then they made artwork with rocks
    -Traditionally, people telling a story would use the haunting sound of the didgeridoo with songs and dances

  12. 17

    Aiza said,

    Here are my facts about aborigines:
    They are allowed more than 1 wife. They have a instrument called the digeridoo.Artists use a basic set of symbols, such as dots, concentric circles and curved and straight lines. Men go hunting in the billabong. A billabong is like a river. They use symbols for art. Each symbol means something different. . Aboriginal Art symbols are used on all forms of Aboriginal Art. They do traditional dances. They don’t have a written language. They have more than 200 languages. By Aiza πŸ™‚ 😦 πŸ˜€ πŸ˜›

  13. 18

    darshana said,

    aborigonies are allowed more than one wife. aborigonals have more than 18,500 generations. aborigional people draw patters on there faces witha chalky paste. a billabong is another word for dead creek. also a digeridoo is a instroment that you blow threw. the men hunt food and there wives go to get berrries and fruit from the ”bush tucker”. aborigonies don’t have a written language, they comeunicate from drawing and speaking. they have more than 200 languages.

    dreamtime stories are like a myth or legend.

  14. 19

    DALIP said,

    here is my home work……..

    The Dreamtime for Aboriginal people is the time which the earth received its present form and in which the patterns and cycles of life begun.Australia Aborigines created stories to teach each other about the Dreamtime, these stories taught about life, including birth, love, food gathering, hunting marriage and death but also about the Creation.
    and also they said that when you die you turn into a animal and your alowed moer that 1 wife and beat up the cildren

  15. 20

    PAIGE! said,

    I have found facts out but done them in a book.

  16. 21

    Bismah said,

    Here is what i have learnt about the Aboriginies:

    Australian Aboriginal Art is the oldest & most interesting in the world. Aborigines of all tribes painted on caves, rock, bark, sand, didgeridoos, boomerangs & their huts and their bodies.
    Art was used in place of a written language to instruct in tribal law, religon and history. Art is still used for these purposes today.
    Each area of Australia has its traditional style of Art and Painting.

    The word “aboriginal” means “the first” or “earliest known”. The word was first used inb Italy and Greece to describe people who lived there.
    At that time, Australia was joined to New Guinea.It was called the great ice-age.
    In that time animals were not as pets or kept in cages they were free.
    The aboriginies were allowed to havemre than 2 wives. They were face-paint on their faces and their body when doing a ceromony or a religious dance aswell.
    Also they believed that when you die you turn into an animal spirit. ( reincarnation).

  17. 22

    jaspreet said,

    Aborigines used music in every day life .and i realy enjoyedb the mermaid story.

  18. 23

    PAIGE! said,

    The man feels:
    down in the dumps

    thrilled that his family cares for him
    cared about
    glad becuase he family loves him and cares for him

    When he was with the mermaids he felt loved and cared and it seemed as he had his family there from my point of view.

    I don`t understand why was his family laughing at him?

  19. 26

    Bismah said,

    Here is my homework about the mermaid story:

    Setting:Gloomy,Dark,Cloudy,Dim,light less.

    Feelings of the song man:
    Before:Unhappy,Down in the dumps,Glumful,Glum,Sulky,miserable,lonely.

    Happy,Appreciated,Glad,Blissful,Over joyed,Loved,Cheerful,Contented.

    Here are some sentences:

    Lonely, Miserable,Unhappy the song man glumly walked away from his family.

    Appreciated, the song man ran to his family to give them a cheerful,caring hug.

    The song man,who was missing his family,sat down on the shiny rock and looked at his reflection in the glimmering water.

    The mermaids had blonde,golden hair with a huge, pleasant smile.

    I hope you liked my homework about the mermaid story.

  20. 28

    Alyan said,

    The mermaid story is is set in the deep dark woods, about a lonely songman, who is quite old. The songman’s family ignore him and make him feel belittled. He tries to communicate with them but is not valued at all and wonders out to the waterside.

    Sitting in the dark he looks at his sad reflection staring back at him, and feels miserable and unfortunate.

    His emotions change to happiness and fulfillment when the mermaids come to cheer him up, as they pay attention to him and are very friendly.

    He finds the mermaids interesting and feels alive again, as they bring a smile to his lips.

  21. 29

    Zara said,

    Here is my home work:
    lonley, lonesome, rejected, misrebale, unbefriended, unloved, abanded , alone.

    happy , blissful, over joyed loved , glad , pleased , gleeful, Appreciated

    Here are some sentences:

    The man slowly walked out of the gloomy , dim camp.

    In the gentle , calm water he saw some beautiful , gorgeous mermaids blissfully swimming.

    The family was over joyed and were glad that the man was back. They appriacated and loved him more.

    The mermaids were magnifcent and thay had a jolly , friendly smile.

  22. 30

    shannon said,

    The goverment of Australia has a poor record. There have been better things happening in Australia in the past few years. The goverment is trying his best to cure peoples illness.

  23. 31

    Marg Yore said,

    Year 4 at Bearwood,
    I have really enjoyed reading your reflections even though I am on holidays! L ove the language you have chosen.When we start back at school next week, my year 3 and 4 will be experimenting with puppets. But first of all we will be looking at stories from around the world. I am inspired to begin with the Dust Echoes stories. Well done. We will read your comments, too.

    Mrs Yore

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