The Song Man By Joshua

Has your family ever treated you like a piece of rotten trash? Well that’s how the wise song man felt many thousands of years ago. This is his sorrowful story…
On a bright, cool, sunny day the song man felt as gleeful and proud as he could be because he had caught a stuffed, succulent mouth watering rabbit . As he arrived at the camp the Song man said to his wife “It’s a lovely day to have a rabbit why don’t we make a rabbit stew?” as he tried to give her a kiss after his 2 hour journey.
“GET OFF ME!”She shouted pulling herself away from him. So miserably the song man stormed off into the garden where he saw his cute, lovely, beautiful granddaughter doing a traditional dance to practice for the special celebration that was coming up soon. Her brother was watching her too and applauded her loudly and called out words of encouragement. Song man admired her dancing unaware of the cruel words another member of his family was about to say.
“Go away you wrinkly old man” shouted his only son as the whole village stared wide eyed at him. Nobody loves me, no body cares he thought as he crept out off the camp knowing that nobody even noticed him leave. He took with him only a bottle of water and as he walked he saw a koala bear cuddling her baby in its arms. That made him feel as insignificant as a piece of dust flying in sky because he didn’t have anyone to hug himself. Just then he came across a pool so deep he thought he saw straight into the core of the earth. After he spotted three flawless mermaids swimming like sharks in the pool. As he walked the mermaids dragged him in like a bird into a snakes mouth. Whoosh… whish…… The mermaids and song man danced gracefully. They went all the way to the Niagara falls and back to Australia. Then he stopped off at a grey 100,000,000 year old rock from the Stone Age and lastly a dash of light had shone on him. After this he had a vision of his stingy, cold blood, mean family but it seemed they had missed him after all. His wife lay shattered in tears crying and his own son had an axe near his head as he was shouting.
“Why me why me” and his poor granddaughter. He had decided to go back to the camp and he demanded to go back home. And after a few hours he had arrived at the huge, colossal, Massive gate and as he searched tent to tent he had found his wife sleeping and he waited until she had woke up. When they awoke they cuddled him like a rattle snake around his neck he ever had in his whole ancient life. He felt like the happiest old man in the whole village that there had ever been….

7 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    shawon the man said,

    cool real cool joshua my man

  2. 2

    Dalip said,

    i liked when u useed the ….. and and used cute,lovly and butiful 🙂 😦
    😉 😐

  3. 3

    max said,

    I really love your description and all of your fantastic wow words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =-)

  4. 4

    kamal said,

    i love your openers joshua but you can add in some better wow words

  5. 5

    cameron s said,

    I really enjoyed reading your story and especially your openers and do a bit more of wow words aswell.

  6. 6

    shawon the man said,

    I agree with you kamal.

  7. 7

    shawon the man said,

    Your storys good you’ve questions and also good speech.

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