It is the first day of Ramadan today. Learn all about it here…

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  1. 1

    shawon said,

    I’m fasting today, it’s really hard fasting because you can’t eat anything until the sun sets.

  2. 4

    karolina said,

    i wonder how it feels to fast because i have never ever had to fast can some one tell me about it. thank you

  3. 6

    Paige! said,

    Fasting seems very difficult I couldn`t last that long without food!!!!

  4. 8

    Bismah said,

    I am fasting aswell. It might sound difficult Paige, but if you don’t be active and think about food you’ll manage! 🙂

  5. 10

    mya said,

    Bismah and Shawon, I don’t quite understand. Is this right,so when your fasting you don’t eat until the sun sets?

  6. 11

    Bismah said,

    No you eat only at midnight

  7. 13

    Zara said,

    I am fasting as well. You have to wake up at 3 oclock and eat at a certain time. ( At first I found it hard and i felt tired when i had to wake up at 3 in the morning!!!!)

  8. 14

    mya said,

    I don’t think I could wake up at 3:00 in the morning, I suppose you have to get into a habit.

  9. 15

    zoe 4g said,

    I could

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