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For our new topic ‘Switched On!’ Year 4 investigated electrical items. We predicted what would be inside a computer and then began to explore.

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  1. 1

    Shaynie said,

    It was so cool we got to open up an xbox360

  2. 2

    jayden said,

    i liked it when we opened up the xbox.

  3. 3

    obaid said,

    When we opened The xbox it was exciting because Mr Mealey opened it!

  4. 4

    cashyila said,

    i think that it was fun when we got to pull the eletrical things apart also I think it was so fun when we made the light come on!

  5. 5

    habibah shah said,

    i loved it when wetook the computer apart!!

  6. 6

    Amara said,

    I think eletricity is going to be a great topic because today we had some wires and bulbs and battreys. Do you know why we had wiores bulbs and battreys? It’s beacause Mrs Daniels wanted us to make a light bulb and that was really really fun. We had to make light and our group made a really bright light. It was really fun!

  7. 7

    zuzanna said,

    I loved doing that it was so exiting because we got to see the inside of a Xbox,computer and a Iphone yay

  8. 8

    vanita said,

    It was fun when we took apart the lamanater.

  9. 9

    vanita said,

    Can’t wait to make the toy’s/games

  10. 10

    mya rose said,

    i relly like open xbox678 so coll

  11. 11

    Fozia Sultana said,

    The computer was very dusty!!

  12. 12

    dawud iqbal said,

    i like wen we open the computer then wen we look in the computer it was so dusty .

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