Welcome to the New Year 4’s Blog!

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Welcome to your new Blog. We have lots of exciting learning to do and we need to celebrate this through our fantastic blog! Lets catch up…..What have we been learning about so far? Post your comments below!

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    Mrs Skinner said,

    Hello Year 4!
    This is a great space for you to share all your ideas and learning. Can’t wait to join in.

  2. 2

    Mrs Yore said,

    Dear Bearwood,
    The Middle Matters missed you during your summer holidays. We just kept on working! Our spring two week break starts next weekend then we will be back catching up with your learning!

    By the way, we used lots of the stories on the Bearwood blog to inspire our own writing. So thank you!

    Mrs Yore

  3. 3

    sian said,

    someone may have been riding their bike through the woods . the could have triped on a thick twig and gone flying in the air. the bike may have got caught in a tree. the rider may be terribley hurt.

  4. 4

    Sandip said,

    I have learnt about similes. This is a simile
    My friend Jed can run as fast as a Cheetah!

  5. 5

    amara said,

    I`ve loved doing similes and meaphores and i like when we can make it up about are friends!

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