The Chickens

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I have had many questions about the chicks so I thought i would keep you updated. George is enormous now and is almost ready to live with his Mum and Dad in the outdoor coup. We incubated another 6 eggs and 3 hatched in the first week of the holidays. George now lives with Beaker, Snow, Cookie and the quails in my shed. The quails are now laying eggs and chirp all day. These photographs show the new chicks too. Year 4 what do you think?

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  1. 1

    amara said,

    WOW! I can`t belive George is living with his mum and dad I just can`t belive it!

  2. 2

    amoy said,

    There as cute as ababy.

  3. 5

    amara said,

    I diden`t know george was a girl!

  4. 6

    Aneesha & Zuzanna said,

    They are really cute & adorable. I wish we still had them in school.

  5. 7

    Sian and Zeba said,

    Taking the XBOX apart was ever so fun because it caused a lot of suspense. Gladly Mr Meally had the right screwdriver to open it.
    It took quite long to open it after all that on the very inside there was not much to see!

  6. 8

    zuzanna said,

    Ahh they look so cute. They changed since I saw them in 3S and also I didn’t know that george was a girl what a realithe

  7. 9

    Meharpal said,

    I hope the chickens are alright the only place to see them now is to go on the blog.

  8. 10

    Nathan Vanita and Jaiden said,

    They have grown lots.

  9. 11

    Anouska said,

    They are so cute george has grown up the other new ones they are cute aswell.

  10. 12

    Aaminah said,

    i cant belive george tunded into a chickin

  11. 13

    I can’t belive george has turned into an actual chick! he looks so cute and grown up but he’s actually a girl !

  12. 14

    jade wootton said,

    them chikens are soo cute we have recently hatched some chickens of our own that y2 have hade since was in a egg yours sincerly jade wootton y5

  13. 15

    chardonnay said,

    Look how cute your chickens are we also have chickens!

  14. 16

    jessica said,

    How cute, we have chickens to we have a special enclosure for them.

  15. 17

    The chicks wear cute but they wear big as turtels

  16. 18

    vanita said,

    Wow george is a girl!

  17. 19

    sabah said,

    They grew so quick!!!!!!!!!!

  18. 20

    aneesha said,

    SOOO CUTE!!!

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